Sunday, November 27, 2016


Iranian regime's judiciary, the special branch of 'Special Court of Clergy (SCC)' on Sunday, November 27, sentenced Ahmad Montazeri, the late Ayatollah Montazeri's son to Prison and defrocked him, according to Montazeri's website.
Ahmad Montazeri, was sentenced to 21 years of prison and was also defrocked for posting his father's audio tape criticizing the 1988 massacre of political prisoners in Iran.
He has been charged with 'acting against the National Security', 'posting classified documents' and 'Propaganda against the System.'
According to Montazeri's website, he has to actually spend 6 years of this sentence in prison.
Ahmad Montazeri has also been defrocked, but since according to the mullahs' rules, he is the son of a martyr, the sentence would be suspended for 3 years.
The sentence can be appealed in the Special Court of Clergy.
Exposing the audio tape with the voice of Ayatollah Montazeri harshly criticizing a number of officials which were known as 'the death squad' stirred a huge storm inside and outside Iran among the international community and human rights defenders.
It also created a large scuffle inside the government's apparatus and has been continued to date. It's been said that issuing this sentence would stir a major controversy among the rulers of Iran.

Atena Daemi a civil activist and defender of rights of children was arrested in a violent raid on her residence on Saturday, November 26, and transferred to Evin Prison to start serving her 7-year sentence.
According to an informed source, the security forces did not show any written warrants for attacking Atena's house. They threatened her and said, "You are finished and will never return home."
A Tehran court sentenced Atena Daemi to seven years imprisonment on September 28, 2016, on the alleged charge of anti-government propaganda.

Amnesty International issued an urgent action on November 24, warning about spurious charges against human rights defender Mansoureh Behkish and the danger of her being arrested. AI statement reads: Iranian human rights defender Mansoureh Behkish is facing trumped-up national security charges for peacefully defending the right to truth and justice concerning the mass killings of political prisoners, including her siblings and brother-in-law, during the 1980s in Iran. If imprisoned, she would be a prisoner of conscience.

The executive director of Esteghlal Football(soccer) Club announced that its women's team has been dissolved. Reza Eftekhari said the reason was the club's financial problems. Massoumeh Gholami, the team's supervisor, said the decision was final. "Unfortunately, dissolution of teams has always been a problem for women's teams. Women are always the last priority; problems join together and their team is dissolved." Another women's football team, Malavan, was dissolved in July.

The Iranian regime has demanded £650 million (pound) to release Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, the British-Iranian national who was arrested at Tehran's airport in March while on her way back to Britain. She was transferred to Kerman Prison and sentenced to five years imprisonment for participating in the "soft overthrow" of the regime and collaboration with "hostile institutions."
Richard Ratcliffe said that he believes his wife Nazanin, is being used as a "bargaining chip" for an outstanding arms debt from almost 40 years ago that Britain is refusing to pay. Mrs. Zaghari was on hunger strike for five days and is presently in dire conditions.

Resistant political prisoner Sedigheh Moradi was released from the Women's Ward of the Evin Prison on November 23, and warmly welcomed by family and friends. Moradi, 57, has an 18-year-old daughter. She was arrested at her residence on April 30, 2011. She was sentenced to 10 years in prison for "waging war on God by supporting the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran." She was in prison without a single day leave.
Sedigheh Moradi suffers from various illnesses including digestive complications, arthritis, sciatica, and acute osteodynia (bone pain) all of which are symptoms of her imprisonment in the 1980s. Her condition deteriorated in prison but prison authorities did not allow her to have a medical leave.
Ms. Moradi had been arrested and imprisoned twice before in 1981 and 1985.
After years of constant efforts by her husband and family, their appeal was accepted by the Supreme Court and her case was reviewed by the 53rd Branch of the Review Court. The branch commuted her sentence to five years and she was released after 5 years and 7 months.
Sedigheh is one of the witnesses to the 1988 massacre of political prisoners in Iran. She sent out a letter early in November and called for international prosecution of the perpetrators of this massacre.

Slapping an older female street vendoer in the northern Iranian city of Fouman caused a wave of outrage among the public across the country. On Thursday, November 17, a street vendor was attacked by a municipality agent. After removing her stuff, the agent engaged in a verbal confrontation with the defiant woman and beat her in the head. The woman's son uploaded a clip on the internet demanding public support for his mother, saying, "She did not deserve to be slapped!" The video clip went viral and outraged the Iranian public. They shared a design similar to traffic signs, which shows a policeman hitting a citizen, and wrote, "Municipality agents at work! Do not disturb!"

On Sat. Nov. 26 during a conference for: Call for Justice; End Impunity for Perpetrators of Crimes
Against Humanity in Iran and Syria, Shabnam Madad Zadeh former political prisoner who has
recently left Iran spoke. She was imprisoned for 5 years. Two of Her siblings(Akbar and Mahdieh) were killed in Camp Ashraf by the Iraqi forces in 2011. Her other brother Farzad spent 5 years of his life in prison before joining the resistance a few months ago. The key note speaker was Mrs Maryam Rajavi the president-elect of the National Council of resistnce of Iran. She said: “Our demand is that the international community merely stops its policy of giving concessions to the Velayat-e Faqih regime. Our demand is to end this silence and inaction over the crimes of the Iranian regime in Iran and the region. What we want instead is their respect for the Iranian people's quest for freedom.”

Sahar Faizi, a Kurdish student, has been summoned by the court of Saqqez, Iranian Kurdistan. She has received a written instruction to report to the court on December 19, for her verdict to be issued.
This young woman was arrested by intelligence agents on July 13, 2016, for participating in the general strike in Kurdistan. Sahar Faizi, 24, is accused of having contact with a Kurdish opposition party.

Sunday, November 20, 2016


On Sat. Nov. 19 the Iranian-Canadians At Parliament Hill and across from Prime Minister's office during their weekly protest stood in Solidarity with the political prisoner Maryam Akbari Monfared mother of three, who is serving her 15 year sentence since 2009. Four of her siblings were executed in 1988 in Iran. She wrote an open letter recently demanding justice for the 1988 massacred political prisoners(30,000) but she ended up in incommunicado. The Iranian-Canadian protesters called for the freedom of Mohammad Ali Taheri, Narges Mohammadi, Arash Sadeghi, Arzhang Davoodi, Esmail Abdi,... Maryam Akbari Monfared, and all political prisoners in Iran.

Tuesday night, November 15, 2016, the third committee of the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution on the violations of human rights in Iran with 85 yay votes.
The resolution expressed "serious concern at the alarmingly high frequency of the imposition and carrying-out of the death penalty" and called on the Iranian regime "to abolish, in law and in practice, public executions", "to cease enforced disappearances", "address the poor conditions of prisons, to eliminate the denial of access to adequate medical treatment and the consequent risk of death faced by prisoners", and "to end widespread and serious restrictions, in law and in practice, on the right to freedom of expression, opinion, association and peaceful assembly, both online and offline, including by ending the harassment, intimidation and persecution of political opponents, human rights defenders, women’s and minority rights activists…"

According to Politico, Nov. 18,  John Bolton, american former ambassador to the United Nations and a contender to be the next secretary of state, argued Thursday that the United States should support a push for regime change in Iran, calling it the "only long-term solution" to threats the country poses in the Middle East.

A group of women supporting the prisoner of conscience Mohammad Ali Taheri staged a symbolic act on November 17, in Tehran and Roudehan to protest his continued detention for no reason. They distributed more than 1,000 copies of Mr. Taheri's books. Taheri, the founder of Cosmic Mysticism (Erfan-e Halgheh), has been on hunger strike since September 28 to protest the officials' refusal to release him despite completion of his jail sentence.

Five of the female Kurdish political prisoners in Kerman Prison are incarserated and detained for cooperation with or membership in dissident Kurdish parties.
They have been imprisoned for years without any leaves or having access to legal counsel. The five women are:
Farideh Khoshnam, 32, who has a Bachelor's degree in legal studies, Soudabeh Hassankhani, 31, a computer engineer, Hajar Piri, 33, Sohaila Minaii, 27 and Afsaneh Bayazidi, student activist.

Students have been threatened by security forces for protesting the drowning death of a female student in Khorramabad. Government agents have vowed to deal with the protesters.
Forouzan Moradvand, a biology student from Ilam, fell into the water canal and drowned as she was attempting to ride a car to get away from the rain that was flooding the city on Monday night, November 7. Another female student, Nasrin Mohammadi, from Isfahan, also drowned in the flood and went into coma.
Students and residents of Khorramabad staged an extensive demonstration the next day in protest to the city officials' incompetence and the absence of any bridge in the streets to help people pass the streets.

A young Bahaii woman was expelled from university after 40 days for refusing to renounce her faith.
Kamand Agahi, a psychology student in Isfahan, was expelled once she was identified as being a Bahaii. The President of the university and his secretary had demanded that she writes an open letter announcing that she is a Muslim and no longer believes in the Bahaii faith, something that she refused to do.

According to the State-run Mizan online website Nov. 24, Seven Iranian fashion complexes were sealed up and dozens of people arrested, announced the Prosecutor of Qazvin 150 kms northwest of Tehran on Monday.
Sadeghi Niyaraki said more people have been summoned. The sealed up complexes included photography and film studios. Their cameras, lab top computers, flash memory disks and light equipment were all confiscated.
Niyaraki said security forces, intelligence police, moral security police, the internet police and the department of public places were involved in this operation.

Grave condition of political prisoner Reyhaneh Haj Ebrahim Dabbagh caused her mother's protest. Parvaneh Taheri, Reyhaneh's mother, spoke out against the harsh conditions under which her daughter has endured for seven years. She said denial of medical treatment to her daughter is unjustifiable.
Mrs. Taheri said her daughter, Reyhaneh Haj Ebrahim, suffers from Colitis and has a dismal health condition. Prison authorities, however, have denied her the necessary medical services and medical leave.
Reyhaneh Haj Ebrahim Dabbagh has been detained in Evin Prison since December 27, 2009, without any leaves. She was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment on the charges of "waging war on God" and "supporting the opposition People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran".

A 28-year-old Iranian woman was given 80 lashes for participating in her friend's birthday party. The young woman had the account of her arrest and flogging published in freelance media.
She was arrested in a birthday party two years ago in Mashhad and temporarily detained.
She said the security forces did not show any warrants and the behavior of the female agents who gave her a body search was very offensive and humiliating. She was released on bail.
Two years later, she received her verdict and subsequently summoned to prison for its implementation. She was photographed, finger printed, shackled and handcuffed before being taken to a small room to be flogged 80 times.
The young woman asks where in the world people get flogged for taking part in a birthday party!
The report did not mention the date of arrest or the flogging.

Nasrin Sotoudeh an Iranian lawyer and human rights activist is among the winners of 2016 "Women Have Wings" award. This award is granted to women who have demonstrated courage to follow their humanitarian goals.
"Women Have Wings" was founded to commemorate Amelia Earhart, the first female pilot who flew across the Atlantic Ocean in 1928. The award is aimed at introducing women who like Amelia Earhart fly through difficulties to achieve their goals.
This year's award was granted to women from India, Somalia, Uganda, Kenya, and Iran.
Nasrin Sotoudeh was arrested on September 4, 2010, for defending her clients. She was sentenced to 11 years imprisonment. She was deprived of practicing law and leaving the country for 20 years. Later, her sentenced was reduced to six years in jail and 10 years work deprivation.
She got released after serving three years in prison due to long hunger strikes she staged in protest to the violation of her own and her family's rights. She is still being constantly persecuted and harassed by Iranian regime's security forces.

Sunday, November 13, 2016


The Iranian regime's police chief Ali Elhami in Dezful in Khuzestan province said 23 teenagers(11 girls and 12 boys) have been arrested in connection with a "private mixed - gender party" held in a garden on Friday, November 4.
He said these boys and girls on the eve of Arbaeen (a religious ceremony in Iran) committed “norm-breaking” by holding a mixed-gender ceremony.

Iranian regime Court punishes protestors to young woman's death
The protesters to the death of Farinaz Khosravani were sentenced to 12-year imprisonment and payment of blood money by the Court of Sardasht,
in the West Azerbaijan Province. They were charged with disrupting public order.
On May 3, 2015, Farinaz Khosravi threw herself off the fourth floor of Tara Hotel in Mahabad to escape rape by an agent of the Intelligence Department, Morteza Hashemivand.
Khosravani was 26 and lived in Mahabad. She had a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Sciences but worked in a hotel. Widespread protests erupted in Mahabad in protest to Farinaz's death where the demonstrators clashed with security forces and smashed the windows.

The Teachers' Community staged a campaign in support of Ismail
Abdi, secretary general of the Teachers' Corporate League, on Friday, November 11.
Female teachers and civil activists took part in this campaign. A group of teachers from Mashhad staged a march and held banners in support of Mr. Abdi.
Ismail Abdi was arrested on November 9, 2016, at his residence and was taken to prison to serve his prison sentence.

In a recent letter sent out of prison, Maryam Akbari Monfared
defended her filing complaint with the court against Judiciary officials involved in the executions of her siblings in 1980s.
In the wake of this measure, she has been deprived of her visitation right and is held incommunicado in Evin Prison. On October 17, 2016, Maryam Akbari Monfared sent a letter out of Evin and demanded justice for her siblings – one sister and three brothers – executed in the 1980s. Subsequently, she was deprived of having family visits in prison. She was already deprived of having access to medical treatment. Amnesty International issued a statement on November 3, calling for urgent action on the case of Ms. Akbari Monfared. Yesterday Sat. Nov. 12, the Iranian-Canadians during their weekly protest in front of the Parliament in Ottawa and across from PM office called for Maryam's release.

The Kurdish Political prisoner Hajar Peari 33 years old is deprived of her most basic legal rights. She was banished to Kerman Prison nine years ago.
She was arrested in May 2007 in Naghadeh, Western Azerbaijan, by Intelligence Ministry agents and relocated to the Prison of the Intelligence Department in Orumiyeh after two months.
Ms. Peari spent five months under physical and psychological torture for the alleged membership in Kurdish parties opposing the government and acting against national security.
She was subsequently sentenced to 17 years in prison and banished to Kerman Prison. The young woman is now being detained in the same ward with ordinary criminals and drug smugglers under very harsh conditions.

Students of Tehran's Chamran University staged a protest for the second consecutive night on Tuesday, November 8, at their dormitory against
the plan for imposing the compulsory dress code.
They explained their demands in a statement in which they said, "They firmly oppose the disparaging virtue and veil plans in the dormitories, which violates the students' privacy." The statement concludes, "We will stand up to any attempt by security forces to deal with protesting students."

In a cruel and outrageous atrocity, both eyes of a prisoner were blinded in the Iranian Capital, Tehran on November 8, 2016. Head of Tehran's Prosecution Office, Mohammad Shahriari said the file had been referred to Tehran's Criminal Prosecutor to be implemented and the retribution was carried out on Tuesday, November 8. (The state-run Fars news agency – November 8, 2016)
At least, seven other prisoners in Iranian prisons are awaiting to be blinded.

On Tuesday Nov. 8, American voted Donald Trump as their 45th
president of the United States despite most polls suggesting Hillary Clinton ahead. A leaked document published by Buzzfeed on Thursday purportedly shows a who’s who short-list of Trump’s closest Republican surrogates and insiders who would be considered top candidates President-Elect Trump’s cabinet.
The list of 41 names, obtained by BuzzFeed News, covers State Departments, the Attorney General, Office of Management and Budget, White House Chief of Staff, and White House Counsel.
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, American lawyer and diplomat John Bolton and Senator from Tennessee Bob Corker were listed as possible candidates to replace John Kerry as the US top diplomat.

Sunday, November 06, 2016


A young woman in the south Iranian Bavanat Prison, was sentenced to death for killing her husband. The battered woman has two children.
Another woman, Zeinab Shah Hosseini, is also sentenced to death. She is imprisoned in the Central Prison of Qorveh in Hamedan. Her Husband, Kourosh Rezaiipour, is also on death row. In another news the names of 4 women were recently verified as being detained in Varamin's notorious Qarchak Prison for women under deplorable conditions. Their cases remain undecided. Bahareh Basseri, Parvin Solaimani, Badri E'eraj, and Akram Panahi were among those arrested in protest demonstrations in Tehran demanding release of prisoner of conscience Mohammad Ali Taheri the founder of cosmic mysticism (Erfan-e Halgheh) who is on hunger strike. They have been held in detention since October 31, deprived of making any phone calls and imprisoned with ordinary criminals, in violation of the principle of segregation of crimes in prison.

According to state-run Mehr news Nov.4, 11 girls and 12 boys were arrested by the State Security Force in one of the gardens of Dezful, in Iran's southern Province of Khuzistan. Ali Elhami, Commander of SSF in Dezful, said the force had also arrested the owner of the garden where the party was held.

According to Amnesty International, November 3, Prisoner of conscience Maryam Akbari Monfared, who is serving a 15-year sentence in Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison, is being denied access to medical treatment. She is facing reprisals after filing a formal complaint that seeks an official investigation into the mass killings of political prisoners, including her siblings, in the summer of 1988.

Kurdish woman and student activist, Afsaneh Bayazidi, who had been transferred to the Central Prison of Kerman, was transferred to solitary confinement because she defended herself against those who insulted her and her identity. Ms. Bayazidi is presently held incommunicado.
She was arrested on August 21, 2016, and sentenced to 4 years in prison and banishment to Kerman on the charge of insulting the leader of the Iranian regime, Ali Khamenei.

Supporters and students of prisoner of conscience Mohammad Ali Taheri staged another protest gathering on Thursday, November 3, outside the Judiciary's building in Tehran, on the 37th day of Taheri's hunger strike. There is no information available on Mr. Taheri's present condition.
Mohammad Ali Taheri is the founder of cosmic mysticism (Erfan-e Halgheh), a school of thought that has been banned by the Iranian regime. Mr. Taheri was arrested on May 4, 2011, and sentenced to five years imprisonment, 74 lashes and 900 million toumans in fines. He has completed serving his sentence, but officials refuse to release him. This is the sixteenth time that Mr. Taheri has gone on hunger strike.

FIFA has fined Iran and warned the country's soccer body for allowing 'several religious manifestations' during a recent World Cup qualifying game in Tehran.
Soccer's world governing body said in a statement on November 3 that Iran was fined 45,000 Swiss francs (about $46,000) for holding a 'religious ceremony' before its October 11 game against South Korea and again at halftime.
The Iranian soccer federation was also cited for using a drone during the ceremony and for 'improper conduct among spectators' for their display of a banner that had religious content on it.
Iran was also fined 40,000 Swiss francs (about $41,000) for team misconduct, improper conduct by its fans, and for allowing unauthorized personnel to enter the field.

Saudi Gazette reported on Nov. 2, that Maryam Rajavi the president-elect of the Iranian Resistance “strongly” condemned the targeting of the holy city of Makkah with rockets launched from inside Yemen on Oct. 29. She said the strikes were under the supervision of Quds Force, and ordered by Iranian leader Ali Khamenei. She referred to the attack as a “declaration of war to all Muslims around the world” and called for the expulsion of the “anti-human” and “anti-Islamic” regime from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), and requested Islamic countries to cut relations with the current Iranian regime.

The Media Express, reported on November 5th: The Iranian opposition has identified more than 110 senior Iranian officials who played a part in the 1988 massacre of political prisoners in Iran.
The information was revealed at a press conference in Oslo organized by the Representative Office of the National Council of Resistance of Iran(NCRI).
According to the revealed information, the officials identified were members of the “Death Commissions” which oversaw the rounding up and execution of political dissidents in Iran in the summer of 1988.
The killings followed the issuance of a fatwa by Ayatollah Khomeini demanding that political dissidents be exterminated. The commissions were established in Tehran and 16 other provinces in Iran. Media Express added: Notably, Mustafa Pour-Mohammadi, Justice Minister in President Hassan Rouhani’s government, has held onto power to this day despite playing a leading role in the killings. Mohammadi was the main Intelligence minister to play a role in the massacre. In August 2016, he claimed that his role in the massacre was the result of God’s commandment and boasted openly about his participation in it.

A large number of Iranian employees, workers, and citizens came together on Tuesday to demonstrate in front of the Iranian regime's parliament, demanding payment of salaries and protesting against corruption. Hundreds of teachers from the ‘anti-illiteracy’ foundation, shareholders and workers from the telecommunications company ‘Padideh Shandiz’, and owners of cafes which were shut down by the authorities, joined in on the protest demanding their rights. According to a statement by an opposition member of the National Council of Resistance of Iran ( NCRI ), there were anti-riot forces and police deployed outside parliament since seven o’clock in the morning, to prevent people from gathering, Al Arabiya reported on Nov. 2nd.

A number of Iranian political prisoners in the notorious Gohardasht Prison in Karaj, west of Tehran have written to António Guterres, the newly-elected next United Nations Secretary General, and Asma Jahangir, the new UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in Iran, complaining of appalling human rights abuses and political violence by the Iranian regime.

The Canadian military has investigated a mysterious pinging sound coming from the sea floor in a remote region of the Arctic, officials have told the BBC.
The strange noise is reported by local people to have frightened animals away over the past few months. A military aircraft conducted various multi-sensor searches in the area, officials said on Friday. But the military says it is so far unable to explain the cause of the 'acoustic anomalies'. The area is a narrow channel of water in Nunavut, which is the newest, largest and least populous territory of Canada, located next to Greenland. 'It's one of the major hunting areas in the summer and winter because it's an area of open water surrounded by ice that's abundant with sea mammals,' said legislative assembly member Paul Quassa.

 In the final days of the 2016 US presidential elections , Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are fighting very hard to win the votes of the nations. The polls show that Democrat and Republican electrols votes are very close. The world is watching as Americans get ready to cast their ballets on Tuesday Nov. 8, to replace Barack Obama who's been the US president for the past 8 years.

According to Al-Arabiya, November 4, the Iranian regime militia forces have been establishing boy and girl scouts in Syria, a documentary on Tehran-based television reveals.
The scouts were reportedly started by the late top commander of al-Quds Forces in Syria Hussan Shateri with mindset at spreading a sectarian manifesto.
Al-Quds Forces are a unit of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards responsible for their extraterritorial operations.
Shateri, who was nick-named ‘Hussam Kosh Nuwais, was assassinated by the Syrian opposition on February 12, 2013.
The documentary shows how Shateri adopted what he described as an “ideological and military edification policy” for children in Syria.
Shateri’s established the “Imam Mahdi” scouts’ teams in parallel to another scout group bearing the same name, an auxiliary of Hezbollah militants in Lebanon... Observers have linked the scouts to images of the German Nazi approach before World War II which was known as the “Young German Deutsches Jungvolk”. Around eight million children were nurtured in accordance with this Nazi’s philosophy at the time.