Sunday, September 02, 2007


Iran’s Judiciary sentenced 12 teenagers under 18 to death penalty
Mohammad Mostafaii, the teenagers’ attorney objected this ruling and wrote: death sentence should not be issued for the crimes that individuals under 18 have committed. The names of the youths awaiting for execution were published in the state-run daily Etemad and were as follows: 1. Saeed (17)2. Reza (16)3. Hossein (16)4. Safar (17)5. Hossein (16)6. Ali (17)7. Reza (17)8. Mohammad (16)9. Behnam (15)10. Del Ara (17)11. Mahyar (17)12. Mohammad (15)
Behnam’s execution sentence has been handed to him and the 15 year old could be executed any days.

Iran, Second Rank in Execution
In its annual report, the Human Rights organization 'Hands off Cain', based in Italy, announced: 'Iran is ranking number 2 in the countries carrying out execution.'According to this report the number of executions in last year has doubled compared to year 2005 and has increased from 113 to 215. The organization 'Hands off Cain' added in its report: 'Contrary to UN Human Rights covenants, the Iranian regime has executed children under 18.'

The contracting teachers gathered for the second consecutive day before the Iranian regime’s parliament. The protesters, carrying banners, were asking for the official hiring in the education Ministry without the entering examination.The gathered teachers said:' despite 40000 contracting teachers are working; the Education Ministry intends to hire only 5000 which is ignoring the rights of teachers. '

The Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader in a decree on Saturday appointed a new chief for the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC).Brigadier General Mohammad-Ali (Aziz) Jaafari takes over from Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi who in a separate decree was appointed as Supreme Armed Forces Advisor to the Commander-in-Chief of the Islamic Republic’s Armed Forces.In a letter to General Jaafari, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said that he expected him to make daily advancements in all aspects of the IRGC’s work.He also upgraded Jaafari’s rank from Brigadier General to Major General.General Safavi steps down as Commandant of the IRGC after ten years in that post.In August 2005, Jaafari was put in charge of forming the “IRGC Centre for Strategy”.The idea for the creation of the centre for strategy came from Khamenei himself, who regularly receives the top IRGC commanders and closely follows their activities. The centre was made to draw up the strategy and implement the necessary changes to ensure rapid and efficient transformation of the country’s civilian infrastructure and resources to military footing under the control of the IRGC. In September 2005, Jaafari was confirmed as the head of the Supreme National Security Council’s directorate for internal security.It was reported last month that Bush’s administration was contemplating adding the IRGC to its list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations, the first case of a government-affiliated body ending up on the blacklist. The IRGC is deeply involved in the Iranian regime’s nuclear program.

Iranian Regime Seeks to Addict Political Prisoners to Narcotics
Iranian resistance announced that according to received reports from prisons in Iran, the Intelligence Ministry with the collaboration of prisons’ medical clinics plans to addict the political prisoners to drugs, According to this plan the medicines prescribed for the political prisoners as painkillers include a high dosage of narcotics. Also narcotics are added to the political prisoners’ food.According to this report, one of regime’s executioners by the name of Hassan Zare’ Dehnavi, a.k.a. Ghazi Haddad, is the one who is in charge of political prisoner’s files. He exerts pressure on prisoners and their families and has said: “ We have made up our minds to get rid of them (prisoners) all at once.”

Universities Lecturers Getting Purged in Iran
Iranian Amir Kabir student website reported on Aug. 23 that the Iranian regime has started purging professors before reopening the universities.In the last two weeks, 15 professors have been ousted and purged from Allameh and Tehran Universities. According to the reports, the same procedure is planned to be carried out by regime’s officials in other higher education institutions before the new school year.

Iranian Regime Keeps on Shelling Iraqi Border Region in Kurdistan after Two Weeks
Al-Iraqia TV reported on Monday that the Iraqi Foreign Ministry summoned Iranian ambassador in Baghdad Hassan Kazemi-Qomi to protest the continuation of Iranian shelling of border regions in Iraqi Kurdistan.Tuesday, Kurdish autonomous parliament held an exceptional meeting and condemned shelling of border villages by Iranian regime.The spokesman for Parliament of Iraqi Kurdistan, Taher Jouhar called on Iranian regime to halt the shelling immediately. He said: “the border region is scene of Kurdish people getting homeless because of Iranian regime shelling that area.”On Aug. 29, deputy Iraqi premier Barham Saleh told Al-Arabia TV we notified the Iranian side that these actions are not in favor of mutual relations of both countries.”Iraqi Kurdish Students Union held a demonstration in front of the Kurdistan Parliament to condemn shelling of border regions by Iranian regime.On the other hand the cleric regime admitted to the shelling of border regions after two weeks and one of state run websites Baztab on Aug. 28, wrote: “border shelling of northern Iraq was conducted by the IRGC.”