Sunday, October 07, 2007


A man sentenced to death in Tehran
The mullahs’ regime sentenced a man to death penalty in Tehran. The man’s name is Ali and he is 51.


8th Day of Strike by 3000 Sugarcane Factory Workers in Iran
Despite heavy security measures by the mullahs’ regime, over 3000 workers of Hafttappeh Sugarcane factory in Khuzestan continued their strike and protesting gathering for eight consecutive days.According to the reports, the workers of Hafttappeh Sugarcane factory gathered on Tuesday in front of the regime’s governorship in Shoush and chanted against the regime’s officials and agents. In another gathering before the Sugarcane factory in Hafttappeh, the workers prevented the speech of mullah Shafii, general manager of this factory in a way that he had to leave the place.The mullahs’ regime has dispatched anti-riot special unit forces from various points of Khuzestan province to Shoush in order to prevent the spread of workers’ movement and to suppress it.


Ahmadinejad cancelled University speech in fear of student protest
The state-run daily E’temad acknowledged that the reason of cancellation of Ahmadinejad’s speech at Tehran University was his fear of repeating angry student protest similar to what happened last year at Polytechnic University.This daily wrote while the student activists were preparing themselves to question Ahmadinejad, the presidency public relations suddenly informed on Sunday night of cancellation of this ceremony without any explanation.This daily added that after his speech at Columbia University, Ahmadinejad was supposed to speak at Tehran University. In response to a question regarding pressures on students and professors in Iran at Columbia University, Ahmadinejad had said explicitly: ' Freedom in Iran, if not unprecedented, it is rare because all opinions can be expressed in Iran.'E’temad wrote: 'These President’s remarks are at a condition the Science Ministry officials have dismissed 43 critic student organizations including craft councils, cultural centers and Islamic associations and had sent 550 students to the 'Punishment committees'. 70 members of the union have been arrested and many of critic students have been debarred of the right of education.'The daily added: 'but apparently the President’s advisor preferred him not to show up at the University because the condition is not suitable for his attendance whatsoever.'


Mrs. Rajavi’s speech in the session of Christian Democrat Parties group and the European people parties in the Parliamentarian Assembly of the Council of Europe
Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, president-elect of the Iranian Resistance, traveled to Strasburg on Monday (Oct. 1st) for an official visit on the invitation of Christian Democrat Parties group and European people parties in the Parliamentarian Assembly of the Council of Europe. Lord Russell-Johnston, Former President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, welcomed Mrs. Rajavi and appreciated her efforts for establishing freedom and democracy in Iran. Mrs. Rajavi said in her speech: ’Today we are meeting at a very dangerous crossroad. A year ago, I said in this same building that the world is at a dangerous crossroad. At the same time I said that the threat of Iranian regime’s meddling and terrorism in Iraq is hundred times more dangerous than its nuclear, and I warned against the regime’s efforts for export of terrorism, fundamentalism and crisis to the whole region. Today I want to tell you that the situation has got much more momentous. Iraq is already occupied unofficially by the mullahs. The situation in the whole region is critical, The Iranian regime is at the heart of this current crisis that warmongering in Lebanon, fomenting turmoil in Palestine and the expansion of terrorism in Afghanistan is part of it. These are all connected links of a single strategy.’On the same day, Mrs. Rajavi addressed the European countries in a press conference in the EC Parliamentarian Council. In part of her speeches, she said: ’Now there is a moment of choice. International community must make its choice. Today, the world is at a dangerous crossroad: The prospect of a religious dictatorship going nuclear, and prospect of another destructive war in the region. Today, the mullahs are at the heart of this crisis you do not have to choose between two catastrophic options. Foreign Military intervention is not the solution to the Iranian crisis and on the other hand, continuing the negotiations with the mullahs only gives them the opportunity to acquire nuclear bomb. European countries must put an end to the policy of appeasement and stand by the Iranian people and the desire to establish democracy in Iran. The people of Iran want regime change; this desire must be respected.

Canada condemned on Saturday new remarks by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who has vowed to liberate "all of Palestine" from Israel and questioned the scale of the Holocaust. "President Ahmadinejad's statement represents a wilful distortion of history and an attempt to prevent political reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians," Canadian Foreign Minister Maxine Bernier said in a statement. "It is comments like these, that make Iran a country of concern for the international community," the minister said. "Canada continues to work to focus attention on the Iranian government's atrocious human rights record. To that end, Canada will once again be leading a resolution on Iran at the UN this autumn.