Sunday, November 04, 2007


Iran: Six students arrested in anti-government protests in Tehran today
NCRI (National Council of Resistance of Iran) said in a statement on Oct. 20th that the anti-government student protest which started by about 1,000 students at the Social Sciences School of Allameh University in Tehran is continuing into the early evening hours. Despite desperate attempts by the university security guards, agents of State Security Forces (SSF) and so-called plain cloths members of Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) to contain the demonstrations, the students managed to shutdown all classes and called on their professors to join them. They chanted slogans 'Death to dictator,' 'University is not a military camp,' 'This is the final warning,' 'University students are ready for uprising,' 'Free minded professors, join us' and 'Students, professors unite.' During clashes between the students and security forces six students were arrested and transferred to an unknown location by the SSF. The detained students are identified as Mahsa Mehrzad, Nilofar Abd-Haq, Behnam Sepehrvand, Araman Sedaqati, Maziyar Samiee and Mohammad Yazdani.

Iranian regime Executed Seven People in One Day in Iran
IRNA , Iran’s state run news agency on Oct. 28 reported that the regime of Iran hanged seven people in Yazd, Kerman and Boushehr three of them were hanged in Yazd; it also sentenced two others to death in Tehran. Two were hanged in Mahan city of Kerman province in southern Iran.The cleric regime in Iran also has executed two youngsters by the names of Behrouz Zanganeh 21, and Ali Khoram-Nejad 22, in Boushehr.The French news agency reported that the number of people hanged since the beginning of the year has reached up to 237.The agency added that the number of executions has notably increased in recent months.In Tehran two others by the names of Safar Ali 25, and Mohammad Hussein 32, were sentenced to death.

In other news the mullahs’ regime hanged three men in Zahedan’s central prison. The names and identities of these prisoners haven’t been announced.A 20-yr youth by the name of Hamed was publicly hanged in Shiraz. The regime’s judiciary also released death sentence verdicts for 3 in Mashhad and Kerman.

Protest against Iranian Regime Outside 5+1 Meeting
while the representatives of the six major powers were meeting, Iranians supporters of the Iranian resistance gathered in front of meeting place at British Foreign Office in White Hall in central London to protest and seek further and full sanctions against clerical regime and end to appeasement policy toward the religious fascism ruling Iran. News agencies reported, as the six met in an announced place, supporters of the opposition National Council of Resistance of Iran demonstrated outside the Foreign Office in central London. A spokesman for NCRI foreign commission Hussein Abedini told Reuters: “we have gathered here to urge the meeting of 5+1 to propose immediately a new resolution to the NU Security Council for full scale sanctions against Iranian regime in order to prevent this regime from acquiring nuclear bomb. Iranian regime is seeking to endanger the world peace and security by producing nuclear bomb.'