Sunday, November 25, 2007


Iranians Rally in Sweden to Condemn Insults against Women of Ashraf
POMI: “Yesterday, Stockholm was witness to the rally and demonstration of thousands of Iranians who stood up to defend 1,000 brave women in Ashraf, and severely condemned the absurd allegations of the religious fascism and its lobby. In the demonstration in Sweden, Swedish citizens and prominent jurists and parliamentarians from Scandinavia, Europe and the U.S., including Lord Slynn, former judge of the European Court of Justice, Professor Steven Schneebaum and Professor Henzelin from Switzerland, members of the International Committee of Jurists for Defense of Ashraf, delivered their speeches. The resolution of the demonstration condemned the irreverence by the Swedish daily, Svenska Dagbladet against the women in Ashraf as the violation of International Humanitarian Law and the violation of Geneva Conventions, and called the sheer lies of the religious fascism ruling Iran and its lobby as an offense against the human dignity of all women that has raised the hatred and abhorrence of all humanitarian consciences. The president-elect of the Iranian Resistance in her live message from France to the demonstrators hailed them for their resistance and congratulated the ruling of the Paris court as a significant victory and said: 'The verdict of the Paris Court is a clear testimony and an unimpeachable legal and judicial ruling that annuls the 'cult' and 'terrorism' tags from this resistance. Referring to the resolution by the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly in condemning the anti-human crimes of the mullahs’ regime, Mrs. Rajavi said: Fortunately the extensive and well- founded revelations by the members and supporters of the Resistance in various countries, as well as hundreds of meetings and visits in New York, Geneva and the capitals around the world, once again undercut the plots of the religious fascism. Mrs. Rajavi described the southern Iraqi Shiites’ movement against the meddling and crimes of the mullahs’ regime and the statement of 300,000 Shiites in Iraq’s southern provinces a very important event and said: Shiites are frustrated of killings and seditions and destructions by the Iranian regime in Iraq and of its evil objectives for disintegrating Iraq, and say:the most poisonous dagger stabbed in us, the Iraqi Shiites, is the Iranian regime’s shamefully exploiting the Shiite sect to implement its evil goals. They say accusing the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran of killing Iraqi Shiites is an absolute lie and fabrication. The Iranian regime wants to cover up its atrocities by this means.The demonstrators asserted: We, Iranians residing in Sweden and other Nordic countries, announce unanimously with the Iranian people and Resistance: The Iranian people,refugees and opposition outside the country as well as the democratic forces in Nordic countries condemn the flagrant outrage against the Ashraf women in Svenska Dagbladet.”