Sunday, December 30, 2007


The youth engaged with the suppressive State Security Forces (SSF) agents during a soccer match in Takhti Stadium of Tabriz (northwestern Iran). The regime’s forces used tear gas for suppressing this protesting move. During the engagement, one of the SSF agents was injured and the youths broke the windows of a section of the stadium. According to reports, a number of people were arrested during this engagement.

More than 300 intercity drivers in Ilam province (western Iran) gathered and protested against reduction of fuel rations by the mullahs’ regime. The protesters said: “They have reduced our fuel rations from 800 liters to 700 liters per month, and have charged us 300,000 Tomans for installation of GPS instruments for controlling speed.

One man hanged in Isfahan and another sentenced to death
The Iranian regime hanged a prisoner in Central Isfahan Prison and released the death sentence for a youth in that city. The hanged prisoner was named Karim. He was 37 years old.The young man sentenced to execution is Faramarz and he is 25.

Reuters reported on Dec. 24th that the Iranian police detained 28 young men and women wearing "inappropriate and repulsive" clothing and confiscated alcohol at a party in a northeastern city, an Iranian news agency reported on Monday.Mingling between sexes outside marriage is banned in Iran, which has stepped up a campaign this year against fashion and other practices deemed incompatible with Islamic values, including women flouting strict dress codes.Local police commander Farajollah Vafadar said 10 liters of alcohol, also illegal in the Islamic Republic, were seized in the raid in the city of Shahrud, the Fars News Agency said, without saying when it happened."The police officers arrested 18 girls and 10 boys with inappropriate and repulsive clothing in the house," he said."A file was opened for the arrested individuals and their case was referred to the Shahrud judiciary to take its legal procedure," Vafadar said.Since Mahmoud Ahmadinejad came to power in 2005, promising a return to the values of the 1979 Islamic revolution, hardliners have pressed for tighter controls on "immoral behavior".The authorities this month launched a winter campaign against women wearing tight trousers tucked into long boots and other "improper dress" such as short overcoats and hats instead of scarves.Enforcement of Islamic dress codes that require women to cover their hair and disguise the shape of their bodies has become stricter since 2005, following eight years of reformist rule.


Iran’s Supreme Court has upheld a death sentence for a 17-year-old schoolboy yesterday over the murder of his younger friend. The teenager identified only by his first name Ali was originally sentenced to execution by a court in Tehran on 23 July 2007, the government-owned news agency Fars reported on Saturday. Ali faces imminent execution, following the Supreme Court’s confirmation of the death sentence. Under current Iranian law, girls above the age of nine and boys above the age of fifteen are considered as adults and could be executed for capital offences.

Fifth Day of Hunger Strike by Iranian Students in Isfahan University
On Dec. 28, Amir-Kabir, the Iranian students Website, reported that the student s of Isfahan University in protest to the suppressive regulations by the disciplinary committee of the university, staged a hunger strike. The reports indicate more than 40 students were summoned by the disciplinary committee.Other students in other universities, such as Mofatteh, have issued statements in supporting them in which they said: We fully support protests and hunger strikes by Isfahan University students and we hold university officials responsible for the life of the students.Since the beginning of the hunger strike, university officials have called the homes of students many times and have threatened their families.

240 Protesting moves against Iran’s suppressive regime in one month
Different walks of the Iranian people held more than 240 protesting moves against the suppressive and plundering policies of the mullahs’ regime during last month.While the executions and suppressive attacks by the Iranian regime is going on in different Iranian cities, the people have held more than 240 strikes, sit-ins, demonstrations and protesting gatherings against the mullahs’ regime.The students organized the highest number of anti-government demonstrations against anti-humane mullahs’ regime; the most significant ones were the widespread 'Students Day Demonstrations' on Dec. 7, 2007 which took place with the slogans of 'death to dictator', 'freedom is our certain right'.The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI) announced: Following the call by the PMOI for holding a week-long anti-government demonstrations on the occasion of 'Students Day', these demonstrations were staged on Dec. 4, starting with protesting moves in the Universities of Tehran, Shiraz, Babol, Hamedan, Shahre-Kord, Shahroud, Tabriz, Najafabad, Isfahan, Zahedan and Ferdowsi of Mashhad and reached to its peak on Dec. 9 with the 3000-people demonstration in front of the Technical College of Tehran University. Also in this period, the Iranian workers held 40 strikes, sit-ins and demonstrations against the predatory policies of the mullahs’ regime. The political prisoners continued their resistance in the prisons by staging hunger strikes despite severe tortures by the regime’s executioners.