Sunday, June 22, 2008

Yesterday (21st of June 2008) at the Pinecrest Cemetery in Ottawa hundreds of Neda Hassani’s Iranian and Canadian friends and families gathered for her fifth memorial. She set herself in fire in London in June of 2003 in protest to the arrest of the President elect of the Iranian resistance by the French police. The guest speakers talked about Neda and her life. Mr. David Kilgour the former and independed member of the Canadian Parliament and a human rights activist also said a few words. Neda Hassani was born in 1978 in Tehran-Iran. She was a student in Carleton University but her love for freedom and democracy led her to become an advocate for millions of voiceless Iranians. She was in London-England when she learned about the raid of 1300 French police officers on Maryam Radjavi’s compound on June 17, 2003. She joined the thousands of Iranians who got there from far and near and started their hunger strike to protest that shameful act by Chirac’s government. She died on June 23rd 2003, due to her injury. Her mother said that Neda had found a quiet place under a bridge in front of the French Embassy in London and set herself a blaze. The only place in her body that was not burnt was her palm as she was making a fist and shouting “Free Maryam Radjavi”. Her burial place at the Pinecrest Cemetery was full of flowers. People paid homage to our city’s brave girl with tears to their eyes. Maryam Radjavi was freed from the French prison on the 3rd of July 2003.