Sunday, August 24, 2008


One thousand workers walked out in Ahwaz
National Council of Resistance of Iran said in a statement: One thousand city rail workers of the southern city of Ahwaz have been on strike since last Saturday over their unpaid salaries in past five months. Workers at the north and south yard depots of the railway have been waiting for a definitive answer from their government appointed management. However, it is refusing to give in to the workers’ demands.Ahwaz strike is just the last episode in the string of walk outs over pay disputes in the country. Less than 90 miles north of Ahwaz has been the seen of longest strike by the country’s largest sugar cane factory, Haft-Tapeh in the southern city of Shoosh with over 5,000 workers for months. In August alone nearly 140 workshops and factories have gone on strike over payments. Factories such as Haft-Tapeh sugar cane mills, Kiyan-Tire making car tires, Iran Khodro the car manufacturer are some of the biggest with tens of thousands of workers. In the past decade, most of Iran’s factories have been privatized by the mullahs’ regime opening the doors to even more suppressive measures against the Iranian workforce. The new managements were appointed by the government without adequate protection for workers and their families who make the most venerable part of the population.

A man hanged in Bojnourd
According to a statement by the National Council of Resistance of Iran a man identified only by his first name Ali, was hanged in the prison yard in the northeastern city of Bojnourd on Thursday, the state-run daily Etemaad reported on August 22. Two other men, 60-year-old Reza and 65-year-old Farhad, were sentenced to death on Friday by the mullahs’ judiciary in the northeastern province of Khorasan, the state-run daily Khorasan reported on Friday. In past three weeks 56 prisoners were hanged throughout Iran. Among the victims were young men under 18 at the time of the alleged crimes. Execution of Reza Hejazi, a 20-year-old man who was only 15 at time of the alleged crime, demonstrates the barbarity of the mullahs’ regime in the eyes of the people of the world. Hejazi alongside two other prisoners were hanged in prison in the central city of Isfahan on Tuesday. He was executed despite the fact that the henchmen had notified his family earlier of the stay of his execution because of procedural deficiencies

Touraj Negahban passed away at age 76 in Los Angeles, California on Wednsday 20th of Aug. He was a very talented song writer. The Iranian music owes so much to this man and the memorable lyrics he wrote for hundreds of favorite Iranian pop songs.