Tuesday, December 23, 2008


EU court rejects EU Council and France demands to delay annulment of PMOI terror label
Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of IranDecember 19, 2008The Court of First Instance of the European Communities (CFI), in its fourth ruling over the past two years, rejected a request by the EU Council and France to delay implementation of the December 4 court ruling on the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI )until the deadline to submit an appeal against the ruling has ended. It described their demand as ’clearly unacceptable’ and ordered the Council to pay all legal costs incurred by the PMOI .Thus, the Court put an end to unlawful delays and excuses by the Council, leaving it with no alternative but to comply with the court ruling and acknowledge that the PMOI is no longer on the terrorist list. The EU Council on December 4, immediately after the CFI annulled the terror tag against the PMOI for the third time, tried to take advantage of a paragraph from one of the previous rulings of the CFI to request that the court agrees with a delay in its implementing the order until the deadline to submit an appeal expires, and if the Council submits an appeal, until the end of such an appeal process. The French authorities immediately supported the Council’s request. Fully aware of their certain defeat in a possible appeal, the Council and the French authorities tried to please the medieval mullahs by delaying the implementation of the court ruling. When legally the court annuls a ’decision’ by the Council, the ruling is binding and is not conditional to the appeal process. The latest court decision comes after the Council refrained from releasing the new list when it simply announced in its December 17 Common Position that 13 new individuals had been added to the Common Position of July 15, 2008. It is a misleading and designed to buy more time for the regime. The court in its 15 paragraph judgment says, ’The application for interpretation is dismissed as manifestly inadmissible.’ It further orders the Council to reimburse the PMOI (MEK). Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the Iranian Resistance’s President-elect said that the fourth European Court ruling in favour of the PMOI and against the unlawful Council decisions leaves the EU with no remedy but to immediately accept the ruling and admit that the PMOI (MEK) had been out of the list since December 4.. She added that there is nothing the EU Council could do to prevent implementation of the ruling. She hoped that the EU would immediately comply with the Court’s decision and prevent further disgrace for itself. Mrs. Rajavi reiterated that over the past two weeks the Council tried to evade the court ruling and had refused to accept it; however, the new decision by the court puts an end to the shameful deals which have been pursued by some European countries with the religious dictatorship against the Iranian people and the Resistance. She said that the Iranian people should be compensated for the enormous sufferings of the past seven years because of the unlawful designation. She emphasized that the terror label against the legitimate Resistance of the Iranian people has provided the best opportunity for the religious dictatorship and the Islamic fundamentalism as well as terrorism emanating from it. She concluded that the terror designation has disrupted the campaign against terrorism and the real terrorists.

Argentina seizes property of Iran regime’s fugitive diplomat
The National Council of Resistance of Iran said in a statement on Thursday that an Argentinean court on Tuesday ordered the seizure of property belonging to a former Iran regime’s diplomat for his role in the Jewish centre bombing in Buenos Aires in July 18 1994 which killed 85 and wounded hundreds. Mohsen Rabbani, former Iranian cultural attaché to Argentina is one of the six Iranian regimes’ officials that the Argentine President, Mrs. Cristina Fernandez in her speech at the UN General Assembly in September, called for their surrender to the Argentinean authorities for trial. The names include the former president Hashemi Rafsanjani. Following 13 years of investigations, the General Assembly of the Interpol, in November 2007, issued Red Notices for former Intelligence Minister, Ali Fallahian; former commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), Mohsen Rezai; the current Deputy Minister of Defence and former commander of the Qods force of the IRGC, Brig. Gen. Ahmad Vahidi; Mohsen Rabbani, former cultural attaché in the regime’s embassy in Argentina; and Ahmad Reza Asghari , third secretary in the regime’s embassy in Argentina. Rabbani is still on the run despite an international arrest warrant. Alberto Nisman, the Argentine prosecutor in charge of the case, said the property will be sold and the money will be used to compensate the victims of the attack if Rabbani is convicted. The Iranian Resistance was amongst the first sources to confirm the Iranian regime’s involvement in the bombings and only a few weeks after the incident, in August 1994, provided specific information, revealing the identity of those involved in the bombing.

Angry students set fire on Khomeini and Khatami pictures and clashed the agents
On Wednesday during the speech of Mohammad Khatami (former regime’s president) at Tehran University, angry students of Tehran University tore Khomeini and Khatami pictures and chanted 'death to dictator'. While Khatami was speaking, the students broke the hall door and ripped up Khomeini’s picture installed above the door. Chanting 'it’s all lies, it’s all lies', the students set Khatami’s picture on fire before his eyes. The students were chanting “Death to dictator!” Khatami begged them, “Don’t chant death”. Meantime clashes between the students and the state suppressive agents took place in the middle of the hall. The Tehran University students carried banners of boycotting the elections and chanted 'freedom, equality, boycott elections'.

Four hangings, one limb amputation
National Council of Resistance of Iran published a statement on December 16 revealing that the mullahs’ inhuman regime amputated the hand of a prisoner in western city of Kermanshah, the state-run daily Qods reported on Monday. The unidentified victim was also sentenced to six months in jail and 30 lashes, the daily wrote. A young man named Zanjani was hanged in the central prison in north eastern city of Mashad the Qods daily reported on Tuesday. A man, identified only by his initials M. Sh. was hanged on Saturday in northern city of Semnan, the official news agency, IRNA reported. Two more prisoners, Zahed Salehabadi, 35, and Mohammad Amin Barahoue, 28, were hanged in central city of Tabas. The mullah’s judiciary also sentenced a 21 year old man named Shaheen to death, the daily Qods reported on Sunday. The Iranian Resistance calls on the UN Secretary General, Security Council, High Commissioner for Human Rights and other competent international bodies to take urgent measures to stop rising trend of executions in Iran. It also calls for immediate referral of the clerical regime’s human rights dossier to the UN Security Council for adoption of binding measures. Silence and inaction by the international community over the systematic and flagrant violations of human rights in Iran only emboldens the mullahs to continue and step up their atrocities.