Sunday, January 25, 2009


Iranians outside EU headquarters in Brussels demanding PMOI’s delisting
Supporters of the People’s Mujahedeen of Iran (PMOI) the main opposition group in exile, gathered in Brussels for the 29th day. They are demanding the removal of the PMOI from Europe’s terrorist list. The European Union is expected to strike the main Iranian opposition group in exile off its list of terrorist organizations on Monday. Tens of thousands of Iranians are expected to show up at the Shuman Square in Brussels in front of the EU headquarter.

Iranian regime hanged 22 people
Iran Focus reported on Thursday that Iranian authorities hanged 22 people over the past two days. Ten people were mass executed on Wednesday in Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison, the state-run news agency Fars reported, adding that an eleventh man had his execution postponed for a month. It said that he witnessed the other 10 people being hanged. He is expected to be hanged in February. In a separate report on Wednesday Fars said that six people were executed in a prison in Yazd Province on Tuesday. Three men, identified only by their first names Alireza, Hassan and Mohammad-Hassan, were hanged in the Yazd prison on Wednesday, the government-run news agency ISNA reported. In the central province of Isfahan , two men, identified as Jan Mohammad M., 41; and Reza M., 34, were hanged in prison on Tuesday, Fars said. The official state daily 'Iran' wrote on Wednesday that a man identified only by his first name Gholam was hanged on Tuesday in a prison in the north-western city of Karaj.

Public flogging of a man in Qom
A 25-year-old man was tied to a bench and received 70 lashes in public by the mullahs’ judiciary in the holy city of Qom on Friday. Local residents protested the sentence especially when the man’s last name was also exposed by the local judge assigned to enforce the verdict. In an interview broadcast on state TV on June 25, 2008 in the evening program, the head of the Iranian regime’s Judicial Authority complained that 'many Iranian judges, influenced by western propaganda and fearing they will be accused of failing to respect human rights, are not sentencing offenders to effective penalties like public flogging'. 'Public flogging is one of most just sentences that can be inflicted on someone who has committed a crime,' said Shahroudi . 'The publication of photos and news of public floggings is the best deterrent, while three or four months in prison has no effect,' he said. 'We must reduce prison sentences and make use of public flogging more to punish offenders.'