Monday, February 09, 2009


Iranian Resistance urges Munich conference to adopt a firm policy toward the Iraanian regime
National Council of Resistance of Iran said in a statement on Feb. 4th that while the religious fascism ruling Iran is the biggest threat to the regional and international peace and security, the Iranian Resistance urges the Munich Conference to take serious and immediate actions to confront Iran’s nuclear weapons project and its growing meddling in the region from Iraq to Lebanon, and Afghanistan. The Iranian Resistance condemns the participation of Ali Larijani, Speaker of the mullahs’ Parliament (Majlis), in this conference emphasizing that attendance of the clerical regime’s representatives in such conferences only emboldens it in export of terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism.Ali Larijani has played a major role in buying time for the mullahs’ nuclear program and has constantly insisted on defying the UN Security Council resolutions on the regime’s nuclear program. Inviting Larijani to a conference scheduled to discuss prevention of proliferation of the WMD is analogous to putting foxes in charge of protecting the chicken coop. To expect such an invitation to be significant in stopping Tehran from pursuing its nuclear ambitions is futile. The religious dictatorship ruling Iran is overwhelmed by political and economic crises. It is desperately trying to survive by plundering Iranian people’s oil revenues and spending it on repression at home, export of terrorism abroad and pursuing its nuclear weapons.The illusion in the past six years that by offering incentive packages to Tehran it would in return give up the drive for obtaining nuclear weapons, a key element for its existence, only helped it to get much closer to the bomb. It also put the world on the brink of an unprecedented crisis. The international community cannot afford losing any more time.
Iranian regime to carry out gruesome punishment
Iran Focus an Iranian news agency in exile reported on Feb. 3rd, that Iran’s State Supreme Court upheld on Monday an earlier court ruling for a man to be blinded with acid, state-run press reported on Tuesday. The defendant, identified only by his first name Majid, 27, was in November sentenced by a court in Tehran to be blinded in both eyes, the official state daily 'Iran' wrote.

Commemoration of slain PMOI member by political prisoners in Gohardasht and Isfahan Prisons
On occasion of anniversary of martyrdom of PMOI member Hojjat Zamani, killed under tortures by the mullahs’ regime’s executioners on February 6, 2006 at Gohardasht Prison, the political prisoners in Gohardasht and Isfahan Prisons held commemoration ceremonies.The memorial ceremony in Gohardasht Prison was held on Thursday and in Isfahan Prison on Friday. In this memorial ceremony a number of political prisoners recounted their memories of endurance and resistance of Hojjat during imprisonment.