Monday, May 25, 2009


Tehran University students demonstrate to protest regime’s suppressive measures
5/25/2009 7:38:55 PM
The Tehran University students, while chanting 'Death to Dictator' gathered in the University and protested against the suppressive measures of the Iranian regime on Sunday. The gathering started at 11.30 a.m. in front of the Technical College of the University and lasted for several hours. The students sang the anthem 'The old school friend' and asked for all students to be united in confronting the suppressive measures of the regime against students. The students expressed their anger and disgust of the Presidential elections’ show.
Torture and inhuman condition in Esfahan prisons The National Council of Resistance of Iran said in a statement on May 22nd: A prisoner, identified as Mr. Ahmad Alizadeh, 50, died as a result of torture and lack of treatment in ward 3 of Esfahan’s Central prison on May 21 late in the evening, according to sources inside Iran. His death came only after a month he was arrested. He was subjected to brutal torture despite his ailment by suppressive agents, Nasser Saidi-Far, deputy prison officer; Karami, new ward manager and the Revolutionary Guard Assadi, prison guard officer.He was refused medical attention and repeated appeals by other prisoners to take him to hospital were ignored. The defenceless prisoner finally died of his injuries before the eyes of other prisoners. On May 18, two young prisoners, Hamid Rahmani, 32, and Hamid Jodaki, 30, committed suicide in their solitary confinement in Assad Abad hard labour camp affiliated to Central prison of Esfahan. They were subjected to intense pressures and tortures which led them to take their own lives. On May 10, another prisoner by the name of Babak Faroukhi was killed in the same camp as a result of beatings by the prison guards. In addition to hard labour in excruciating conditions, prisoners are under constant psychological and physical pressures. Some of the prison guards and the Revolutionary Guards involved in torture and persecution of prisoners are Asghar Kianpour, Daryoush Abdullahi and Asghar Montazeran. The Iranian Resistance calls on all human rights organizations to take necessary measures to save the lives of the defenceless prisoners in Iran. It also calls on the UN Secretary General and the High Commissioner for Human Rights to appoint an international fact finding mission to investigate the appalling state of prisons in Iran and reports about tortures used in those prisons.

Students of Tabriz outraged against Khatami for insulting Azeri minority
The students of Tabriz University, while chanting 'death to fascist' turned a presidential election campaign of Mirhosseoin Moussavi at Tabriz City Hall into a protest against the clerical regime. According to reports, after showing a film of Mohammad Khatami, regime’s former president, in a private session in which Khatami insulted the Azeri minority, the situation in Tabriz has become turbulent; the students became exasperated and chanted slogans against Khatami. Later on, the regime’s guards attacked the protesting students which led to the injury of 10.
In other news the students of Zanjan University, chanting 'death to dictator, death to fascist”, and “death to terrorist' and 'Outcry of all Iranians, freedom, freedom' interrupted the speech of Mirhossein Moussavi, former Iranian regime’s Prime Minister on Tuesday.The students questioned Moussawi regarding the massacre of political prisoners in 1988 and shouted 'Where were you in 1988 and how many people did you execute?'The students carried placards about massacre of 30,000 political prisoners in 1988 that read 'Khavaran (cemetery is still bloody' and' Moussavi, you will be tried by the people’s tribunal'. They attacked him while he was leaving the session. The student of Qazvin University, while shouting '88, 88' asked Moussavi to answer explicitly their questions about the 1988 massacre of the political prisoners. The students carried placards saying ' MirHossein, 88, 88' and 'Free the students'.Also, the students of the Science and Technology University in Tehran staged a gathering for the second consecutive day to protest suppressive measures of the clerical regime against students.While chanting 'Death to Dictator' and' Political prisoner must be released', the students of Sistan and Baluchistan University disrupted the election campaign session held by Reza Khatami for presidential elections.

A prisoner hanged in Dezful
A male prisoner has been hanged in Iran’s south western city of Dezful, state-run daily Kayhan reported on Tuesday. The report identified the man sent to the gallows as Ahmad A., without giving information on when the execution had taken place.
On Sunday, the state-run daily Etemad reported that the regime’s henchmen hanged three prisoners in the central city of Esfahan. The report identified two of the victims only by their first name Mahmoud and Alireza.The hangings surpassed 185, the number of people executed in Iran since the beginning of 2009, indicating a 70 percent rise compared to the same period last year. Iran under the mullahs currently ranks first for per capita executions in the world. It also ranks first in hanging juveniles.