Sunday, June 14, 2009

Iran: Clashes and protests by thousands in Tehran against mullahs’ fraudulent election
National Council of Resistance of Iran said in a statement on June 13: while the hostilities between internal factions of the clerical regime and their feuding over the sham election is escalating, the people of Tehran, particularly young people, demonstrated in their thousands in different parts of the city including Fatemi Street, Vali-Asr Street and Square, Vanak Square, Shariati Street, Takht-e-Tavoos Street and Sa’adatabad against the illegitimate and fraudulent election.The demonstrators chanted 'With the help of God, victory is imminent. Death to this deceitful government', 'Enthusiastic people, give us your support', 'Artilleries, tanks and Bassij are no longer effective'. They called for the overthrow of the entire clerical regime with all its factions. Agents of the State Security Force (SSF) and the special anti-riot force attacked the protesters and the opponents of the clerical regime, beating them with batons and using teargas and pepper spray. The young people confronted the agents with stones. Numerous state busses and the suppressive forces’ motorcycles and several banks and state buildings were set on fire in clashes between the demonstrators and the suppressive forces. A number of demonstrators were arrested.At a press conference Saturday, Sadeq Mahsouli, the regime’s Interior Minister, said, “Those who organize such gatherings do not support any of the candidates; they want to use the gatherings for their own group interests and therefore they should not be given that opportunity.”

Khamenei’s faction expose astronomical plunders of Rafsanjani’s faction 6/12/2009
6:35:34 AM
NCRI- Fars news agency, affiliated to the Iranian regime’s Revolutioanry Guard Corps (IRGC) close to mullahs Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s faction, in an unprecedented revelation exposed parts of astronomical plunders of the rival faction, especially Hashemi Rafsanjani, head of the regime’s Expediency Council and the Assembly of Experts, and his family. The latest revelations take place in the course of heightening internal feuding within the clerical regime in the run up to the regime’s presidential election. The 9,500-word report named Rafsanjani’s family as the “Mafia of wealth and power,” “Excellencies of Mafia” and a “deadly infected tumor.” The report stresses that if Rafsanjani’s faction does win the presidential seat then “the country will take a down trend and the national interest will be threatened.”The report enumerates some of the measures by the “Hashemi Rafsanjani’s dynasty” to include “complete control over the country’s life line in areas such as the industry, money circulation, energy sector, export and import of goods, housing, …” It threatens to continue with the revelations. Direct attack on Rafsanjani and settling accounts with him as a person who has played a key role since the inception of the clerical rule and currently heading the mullahs’ Assembly of Experts and the Expediency Council, unveils the depth of incurable crisis facing the entire regime in its final phase. Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, described revelations by the report as the “tip of an iceberg” and a minor part of astounding dimensions of corruption and plunder of the Iranian people’s wealth in which all leaders and factions of the mullahs’ regime are involved. The exposure of the clerical regime’s internal secrets and escalation of infightings have dealt a decisive blow to the regime in its entirety. In these circumstances, no faction can evade the fallouts and whoever becomes the mullahs’ president is doomed to suffer from its scathing and broad consequences.Some of the aspects unveiled by Fars news agency report are; colossal embezzlements by threats and intimidation using front companies, taking advantage of grants given to oil companies including natural condensed gas company, receiving billions of dollars in foreign oil contracts, handing over large sums of bribes to middlemen dealing with major oil companies such as Total, Elf, Stat Oil and Norinco, using influence within the Oil Ministry to grant contracts to certain targeted companies, forming a shipping line to facilitate smuggling of goods, setting up money laundering network, smuggling antiques and illegal commodities, dominating Kish Island as a free trade zone and making massive profits in trade, holding monopoly of the air industries, taking advantage of the country’s ports and custom services and making huge benefits using special privileges in import and export and smuggling goods through various ports, holding the monopoly of pistachio trade and eliminating minor traders in this business, massive foreign investments such as building highways, luxurious tourist centers, holiday villas in Canada, setting up oil equipment company in Britain, swindling Arab Sheikhs and plundering billions of dollars allocated to foundations dealing with special diseases.The report states, “Ending of the war… establishing free economy and … benefitted some of the government officials and families of some officials. They gained economic privileges and Hashemi Rafsanjani’s dynasty made greater benefits compared to others due to various reasons.”Corruption and plunder of wealth by the clerical regime which sets an unprecedented record in today’s world, has been going on while the country is suffering from high inflation, massive unemployment and at least 80 percent of Iranians live under poverty line. Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of IranJune 10, 2009

Exiled group says race on in Iran to build bomb
6/14/2009 7:17:53 AM
Reuters, Paris, 13 June 2009 - Iran will redouble efforts to build an atomic bomb following Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s victory in a presidential election but could still be deterred by tough sanctions, the head of an exiled Iranian group said Saturday.Maryam Rajavi, leader of the French-based National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), told Reuters that Western powers had to abandon a ’policy of appeasement’ if they wanted to thwart Ahmadinejad’s nuclear ambitions.’Sadly Iran will get the bomb if the West continues with its strategy of negotiations. This is just giving the mullahs more time to play with,’ she said in a telephone interview.’Lots of sources say they will get the bomb in 1-1/2 years, but Ahmadinejad will now speed things up and he will have the bomb in one year maximum.’The NCRI has thousands of followers in Europe and the United States and was the first group to expose Iran’s covert nuclear program in 2002. It claims to have huge backing within Iran although analysts say its support is very hard to gauge.Iran’s interior minister said Saturday that hard-liner Ahmadinejad swept Friday’s presidential election with 62.6 percent of the vote. Turnout was put at a record 85 percent.Rajavi called the election ’a charade’ and said most Iranians had shunned the ballot boxes.’Around 85 percent of people boycotted this election. It is not true there was a massive turnout,’ she said, adding there was growing public anger over the vote.’The situation is explosive ... The mullahs are afraid.’

Reuters witness in Tehran reported that Ahmadinejad partisans clashed Saturday with about 2,000 supporters of moderate former prime minister Mirhossein Mousavi, who came second in the election after initially claiming victory.Many in the West had high hopes in Mousavi but Rajavi said the United States and its allies had misread the situation. Moderates would never be given power in Iran while Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei held sway, she said.’Sadly Western authorities are trying to find moderates in the mullah regime. But it is wrong to think one can negotiate with the mullahs,’ she said. ’The (nuclear) negotiations are dead in the water.’The United States, Russia, China, France, Germany and Britain have invited Iran to talks to find a diplomatic solution to the nuclear row, but Tehran has so far rejected the offer.The major powers suspect Iran wants to produce a nuclear weapon. Tehran says it wants to generate electricity.’The West can stop the nuclear program if they stand up to the mullahs. They need strong sanctions, generalized sanctions on oil, on the economy and political sanctions,’ said Rajavi.The U.N. Security Council has imposed several rounds of sanctions on Iran.The main faction within the NCRI opposition umbrella movement is the People’s Mujahideen Organization of Iran (PMOI), based in Iraq. European states agreed this year to remove it from a list of banned terrorist groups but Rajavi said much of its bank funds remained frozen despite the decision.’This makes things very difficult for us,’ she said.

Khamenei, Ahmadinejad, IRGC prepare grounds for bloody internal purge
Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran said in a statement on June 11 that
Ali Khamenei, mullahs’ Supreme Leader, and his faction are preparing the grounds for a bloody internal purge and widespread crackdown as infighting within the regime is escalating in the run up to the regime’s presidential election. In the meantime, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), which fears social upheavals and the youth to take advantage of the power struggle within the regime, warned against any developments similar to the one happened in Georgia. The Revolutionary Guard Javani, head of the IRGC political bureau said, “Any move in line with a velvet revolution in Iran will be crushed at its inception.” Referring to the bloody crackdown of uprising by people and students on the orders of Khamenei and Khatami on July 9, 1999, he said, “sedition by those who seek disorder,” and “instability of the country with ominous political aims” will be crushed “with a hint by the leader” and “they will be annihilated.” He continued by threatening the rival faction and said, “It is the Supreme Leader who determines the road map and people will distance themselves from those who do not follow that path.”Meanwhile, Ahmad Salek, a cleric from Khamenei’s faction said, “By deploying thugs and hooligans, those who seek disorder on streets plan to repeat the events of Central Asia to incite a velvet revolution in Iran.”In his speech at Sharif Technical University yesterday, mullahs’ president Ahmadinejad spoke about repressing the rival faction and Hashemi Rafsanjani’s family and said, “I will deal with them in the next government.” He reiterated, “Those who violated the people’s rights and used their wealth for personal purposes will be paraded in the bazaar and forced to apologize before the people.”By referring to the rival faction, Ahmadinejad said, “According to the law, the president should not be insulted. They have insulted the president and this is a crime. In compliance with the law, that person must be punished and he should be jailed.” As the Iranian Resistance has reiterated, mullahs’ sham election and escalation of internal feuding in the final phase of the regime, has turned into a broad crisis facing the clerical medieval regime. This is an illegitimate regime and all its factions as well as leaders have been involved in torture and killings, export of terrorism and fundamentalism, plundering the Iranian people’s wealth and they should be put on trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

University students in Tehran clashed with state suppressive agents
6/7/2009 4:03:58 PM
Students of different universities including Tehran University and Allamen Tabatabaii University, while chanting anti-government slogans, clashed with the suppressive State Security Forces (SSF) and anti-riot police in Vali-e-Asr Square in Tehran On Friday night.The protesting students chanted 'Political prisoner must be released', 'Oil income is lost' and 'Cannon, tank and Basiji are no more effective'.Many people joined the demonstrators and chanted 'Mahmoud (Ahmandinejad), get lost!'According to eyewitnesses, the demonstration was so extensive that all paths to Vali-e-Asr Street from Revolution Street to Shemiran in northern Tehran were blocked. The SSF agents attacked the crowd in Qolhak region using batons and shooting in the air.
The situation is escalating in Tehran and other cities such as Esfahan, Mashhad, Ghazvin, Orumieh, Shiraz and... According to reports by media, 3 people have been killed in Iran during the clashes with the state security forces. The Iranian youths chanted today: Down with dictator, Down with Khamenei, and Mousavi, Mousavi, if you stay silent, you’re a traitor.
This unrest started with the re-election of Mahmud Ahmadinejad but it quickly changed into a wide spread protest which objects to the regime as a whole. It is dejevu all over again. It is the same as the summer of 1999 when the “moderate” Khatami was the regime’s president. The only difference is that in 1999 mostly students were on the street, but this time it’s the whole society. The west miscalculated by waiting to Mousavi to come out victorious but one thing they’re not admitting is that the Iranian regime is playing the west. The uprising by the Iranian people was inevitable. If even Mousavi won the scheme election the same people would come out and chanted the same slogan because they’re so fed up with the regime’s policies therefore they would expect more from someone like Mousavi who is posing as a moderate.