Sunday, July 05, 2009


The Dutch Parliament has passed a resolution calling to ban the sale of internet filters to Iran

A majority in the Dutch Lower House is calling on the European Union to ban the sale of internet filters to Iran which would enable the authorities to control web use. In a motion initiated by governing Labour and opposition Green Left parties, the House is asking the government to bring pressure on fellow EU members to get the measure accepted. The EU leadership is currently considering imposing sanctions against Iran for the government violence targeting protesters against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s reelection.The Lower House also called on internet technology companies Siemens and Nokia, who earned money in Iran by selling web filter equipment, to donate these earnings to organizations which promote free and safe use of new media in Iran.

Iranian regime executed 22 prisoners
National Council of Resistance of Iran said in a statement on 4th of July that the mullahs’ regime early on Saturday callously hanged 20 prisoners under the false premise of drug traffickers in Karaj, and two others in Shiraz, in order to spread fear to counter the Iranian people’s nationwide uprising. Over the past three days, six prisoners have been hanged in Tehran and six others in Qom. The regime has in many cases in the past executed political prisoners for ordinary crimes and drug trafficking.Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, said the barbaric executions, which were ordered by the mullahs’ notorious hated Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, were a sign of the religious dictatorships’ weakness and instability because of the Iranian people’s nationwide uprising. She said that the mullahs’ regime thinks it can frighten the population and subdue the uprising through a wave of arrests and executions and by extracting televised forced confessions which the regime’s criminal Tehran Friday prayers leader had promised. Mrs. Rajavi urged the UN Secretary General and all UN bodies and international human rights organizations to immediately condemn the executions and refer the regime’s criminal file to the UN Security Council.

Plainclothes agents prevent Bazaar merchants from going on strike
As news of an anti-government protest by merchants in Tehran’s Bazaar spread on Thursday, plainclothes agents of the Iranian regime prevented them from closing down their shops. The agents were heavily present to forcefully prevent merchants from going on strike.

Protests continue throughout the night on rooftops
Tehran residents continued with their protests against the regime last night by going to their rooftops and shouting “God is great.” This has been the trend since the uprising started in Iran following the mullahs’ sham election on June 12. Cries of “death to dictator” and “death to Khamenei” could be heard from 10:00pm local time from all parts of the city. Special Forces, the Revolutionary Guards, Basij forces and plainclothes agents tried to make their presence felt before dark in a bid to create fear among people. The suppressive forces damaged people’s property on the streets and attacked the houses where people were chanting anti-government slogans. The forces threw stones and shattered the windows of houses. They also damaged entrances to houses. The rooftop protests continued throughout the night despite all repressive measures.

Last Sunday (June 28th) the Iranian community in Ottawa moaned one of its beloved human rights activists. Froogh Hassani died of breast cancer last Sunday. Froogh was buried a long side her brave daughter Neda Hassani in Pinecrest Cemetery in Ottawa on Monday. Neda Hassani set herself a blaze as protest to the arrest of Iranian resistance leader, Maryam Rajavi on June of 2003 by the French government. Yesterday hundreds of people gathered for the 7th day of Froogh passing and the sixth anniversary of Neda’s martyrdom. Froogh and Neda’s grave was covered in flowers. Froogh was survived by her husband Ahmad, her daughter Sara and her son Ali. The Honourable David Kilgour talked about Froogh and Neda at the ceremony yesterday.