Sunday, July 26, 2009


Thousands of Tehran residents demonstrate in Vanak and Vali Asr squares According to NCRI’s(National Council of Resistance of Iran) statement on July 25th, on the 43rd day of nationwide uprising, thousands of Tehran residents demonstrated in Vanak and Vali Asr squares against the clerical regime according to Social Headquarters of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) inside the country. Demonstrators were chanting “Shame on State Security Forces” and “Death to dictator” as they were marching at the junction of Mir-Damad and Vali Asr at about 19:00 local time. The anti-riot and other suppressive forces attacked thousands of demonstrators in Vanak Square at about 19:30 and brutally beat the people. A group of anti-riot forces savagely beat a 17-year-old girl and handed her over to the plainclothes forces. The suppressive forces attacked the angry people who protested against their brutality and beat them with batons. The regime’s forces smashed windshield and the lights of the cars whose drivers protested against the regime. They also took the plate numbers of these cars to prosecute owners of the cars at a later stage. The suppressive forces attacked people in streets and alleys around Vanak Square and forced them to disperse by beating them. They also forced the shops to close in order to prevent people from gathering in the area. Agents riding on motors were patrolling the area and forcing people to move away. Commemoration of national poet turned into anti-government protest More than a thousand people of Tehran converted the commemoration of demise of Ahmad Shamlou, the Iranian national poet to an anti-government demonstration on Friday, July 24. In this ceremony that was held in Emamzadeh Davood, the government suppressive agents surrounded the people. As people started chanting slogans against the government, additional suppressive forces were dispatched to the location to intimidate the people.

Exiles stage rallies to support people’s protest in Iran
Iranians in Europe, US, and Canada staged gatherings on Thursday to support the people’s uprising in their country. In Canada, protesters gathered in front of the parliament building in Ottawa to echo the demands of people protesting inside Iran. The Iranians have held demonstrations in front of the Parliament building for weeks now and continue to do so daily from Wednesday through Saturday at 7pm. They also have been organized another gathering in front of the Iraqi embassy on Metcalf st. on Mondays at one o’clock in protest of the siege of Ashraf City by the Iraqi police. Ashraf is a base of close to 4000 opposition members of PMOI (People’s Mojahedin or Iran). The Iraqi forces are blocking the entrance of Ashraf. They do not allow food and medicine to enter the compound.

Dozens of University students summoned to disciplinary committees
Following remarks by the regime’s Minister of Sciences Deputy of Education regarding the expulsion of student activists for “incidents before and after the elections,' many students in various universities in Iran have been summoned to the so-called disciplinary committees. NCRI said in a statement on 21st of July: during the past week, 18 students at Allameh Tabatabai University, many of whom were from the social sciences department, received letters in this regard from the Education Office of the department.According to obtained reports about the intensification of pressures on students, recently 10 students at Semnan University, 15 at the University of Tabriz, and more than 20 from the Free University of Mashhad have been summoned to disciplinary committees.On July 4, Mollabashi, the Science Ministry’s Deputy of Students Affairs, said that student activists involved in protests will be strongly dealt with, adding, 'This ministry is currently analyzing the data obtained and preparing its views about student offenders in some universities of the country both before and after election incidents.” With the passing of only several weeks after this official’s remarks, students in various universities have now been summoned and dozens more have received letters in this regard.

Iraqi citizens hold Iranian regime responsible for deadly explosions
NCRI - Iraqi citizens who contacted Baghdad TV referred to the Iranian regime as the main culprit of the deadly recent explosions in Iraq, especially explosions at churches.On July 19, Iraq’s Baghdad TV channel had referred to the explosions of several churches in Baghdad during a broadcast, all of which took place in the span of 12 hours, and asked who the culprits may be. One of the viewers from the city of Samarra said: Shiites and Sunnis in Baghdad and other parts of the country are being murdered by the Iranian regime.A man from Suleymanieh said in an email: In my opinion, the reason for this is the Iranian regime’s activities in Iraq. As long as the issue of the Iranian regime’s interference in Iraq is not resolved, the explosions would not stop.Another viewer said: The Iranian regime wants to export its internal crises and create problems in Iraq. How much longer will this export of problems continue?A woman from Baghdad said: As an Iraqi woman, I want to say that those who caused the explosions in churches are the same people who exploded mosques. They operate as al-Qaeda and militias and are agents who want to sow the seeds of divisions among the Iraqi people in line with the interests of the Iranian regime.A caller from Syria added: This is all the work of the Iranian regime. What does the Iranian regime want from us that is killing Sunnis and Shiites in such a manner?Adel from Najaf said: This is all carried out by the Iranian regime. If the Iranian regime were to leave us alone there would be no crimes. The Iranian regime has destroyed Iraq. It wants to take revenge from Iraq. Heydar from Najaf added: These are all done by the Iranian regime. The Iranian regime wants to take Iraq back to the same situation it was in immediately after the occupation.

Khamenei: Regardless of their status, those pushing society toward insecurity are hated
NCRI July 21,09- Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, described today’s remarks by the regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, before a group of the senior officials, as a sign of deepening schism and crisis within the regime. Khamenei’s remarks demonstrate that the nationwide uprising of the Iranian people has shaken the clerical regime to its foundations, Mrs. Rajavi said. Speaking on the occasion when Muhammad became Prophet of Islam, Khamenei warned of the regime’s downfall. Poignantly addressing [former President Akbar] Hashemi Rafsanjani, he said, “In the view of Iranian people, anyone in any position attempting to push the country toward insecurity, would be hated.” He added, “There are certain things that should have been said. If we did not say them, then we have acted irresponsibly. There are certain things that should not be said and if we uttered them, it would have been irresponsible as well. The elite are now taking a test. This is a major test. Failing in this test does not push us back only a year. It amounts to total collapse…” Mrs. Rajavi emphasized that Khamenei was trying in vain to save the despicable clerical regime from its inevitable downfall. There is no cure for the factional feuding within the religious dictatorship, nor is there any end to the people’s rage and hatred toward the criminal regime and nor is the uprising going to stop.