Monday, October 19, 2009


German police arrest man for selling missile technology to Iranian regime
German police have arrested a man and are investigating two others in connection with the export of a high- technology furnace to help Iranian regime’s missile builders, federal prosecutors said Saturday. They said Mohsen A, aged 52, had been remanded in custody on Friday on suspicion of breaching German laws that restrict exports of militarily useful items. Iran is under a UN embargo. Police raided premises in four German states in connection with the July 2007 sale of the 1.4-million-euro (2.1-million-dollar) sale of the furnace. Investigators believe the furnace could have been used to make missile launcher components. A German aged 64 and a dual Iranian-German national aged 49 were also under suspicion, the prosecutors in the southern city of Karlsruhe said. The suspects were accused of exporting a second furnace in July 2008 using a front company in Asia.

More suppressive measures against university students in Iran
The Iranian regime has intensified pressure on the students of the Universities of Babol (northern Iran) and Kermanshah (western Iran).According to reports, the suppressive disciplinary committee of the Kermanshah University has deprived 100 students from 1-3 semesters of education and has convicted some of the students for pecuniary fine. At Babol Noushirvani University of Technology, government agents have not only sentenced some students to imprisonment and deprivation from education, but they have severely intensified the security measures at the university.The appointed president of the university has repeatedly summoned families of the active students and threatened and intimidated them.

Chants of "God is great" cost 2 to 5 year imprisonment
The Iranian regime recently has declared imprisonment for chanting “God is great” on rooftops at nights in Iran. Towards the end of the Shah’s regime in 1979, people would go on their rooftops to chant “God is great” and “Down with Shah”. These days people of Iran use the same tactics to fight the dictatorship ruling their country. This is the first time that the Iranian regime officially issues such a strong punishment for calling the God, great.