Monday, January 25, 2010


SSF have arrested 400 students in Qazvin
According to Natioanl Council of Resistance of Iran, the Commander of the Iranian regime’s State Security Forces (SSF) in Qazvin, Massoud Jaafari-Nasab, confessed on Wednesday that at least 400 university students have been arrested in the city. NCRI added: He cited ridiculous and fabricated grounds for the arrests, including “attending various parties, birthday celebrations, and such activities”. Jaafari was appointed as Qazvin’s SSF Commander for his track record of services to the Iranian regime as well as his involvement in the suppression of dissidents in the course of the nationwide uprisings in Iran. Meanwhile, Morteza Hosseini, the representative of the regime’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, in the IRGC in Qazvin, described the country’s universities as the “source of corruption” and while voicing worries about a “cultural assault” in universities, added: “Since the enemy has attacked using the internet and satellites, its assault must be neutralized in universities.”

"If you want to stay in Iran, you must obey Supreme Leader"
Ahmad Khatami, on Friday prayer sermon warned the critics within the regime that "if they want to stay in the country", they have to stop making "double-sided positions" and have to "abide in practice the guidance of the Supreme leader (vali-e faqih)" because "preserving the regime is the most important duty". He emphasized that "there are only two fronts: a front of the revolution and a front of the counter revolution" and questioned "where do you stand; this side or that side?" Ahmad Khatami, who has come to the scene after Khamenei’s speech to elaborate his warnings, stressed that "cases of moharebin’s (enemies of God) are separate and the law has determined their fates."

On Saturday a group of Iranian- Canadians in their weekly demonstrations gathered in front of the Parliament Hill to show their support for the uprising in Iran and to condemn the imminent executions of the protesters in recents months.
The parliament Hill was also a scene of another demonstratration against Parliament prorging on Saturday. People came out to show their unhappiness towards Prime Minister’s (Stephan Harper) decision to shut down parliament. The party leaders such as Michael Ignatieff (Liberal) and Jack Layton (New democrat) and also Elizabeth May from the Green party were among the speakers at the Parliament Hill. Similer demonstrations were held in veries cities around the country.