Sunday, February 14, 2010


500 protestors arrested in Tehran’s AryaShahr
On the 31st anniversary of the anti monarcy revolution in Iran,
the people turned this day into another humiliating defeat for the regime. Despite all the suppressive measures over the past two weeks, and despite the presence of several layers of suppressive forces deployed since the early hours of the day, the central parts of Tehran were turned into a battle ground between a disenchanted population on the one hand and the clerical regime’s violent agents on the other.
According to reports by the National Council of Resistance of Iran, an assortment of intelligence, military, Bassij and plainclothes agents, just about a meter apart from one another, were deployed in all of the streets surrounding Azadi Square up to Enqelab Street and Arya Shahr district. About 1,000 anti-riot forces and 200 plainclothes agents on motorbikes covering the faces with helmets resorted to suppressing protestors. High-tech armored vehicles were also part of the regime’s arsenal of suppression during the protests on February 11, 2010.
The people and youths exhibited determination, chanting anti-regime slogans, and clashing with the regime’s agents. In the course of the clashes, about 500 protestors, many of them women and young girls, were arrested at Arya Shahr and nearby areas. People managed to free a number of the detained. In one case, a young woman who was fighting with plainclothes agents was freed by the people.
At Azadi Square, regime forces used pellet guns which led to a large number of injuries on the part of demonstrators. Some of those wounded were abducted by the regime’s agents and taken with to unknown locations
At Vali-e Asr Square, youths repeated the chants of “referendum, referendum,” “death to dictator,” and “we have not given our dead in the hopes of compromise or praising a murderous leader."
The crowd of protestors in front of the Jam-e Jam building (state-run radio and TV) in Tehran reached 4-5 thousand people by the afternoon on Thursday. There were clashes and hit and runs between people and the regime agents. People chanted “death to dictator” and “Khamenei is a murderer, his rule is illegitimate.” Some were carrying lit torches.
The State Security Forces (SSF) had sealed off the entire Mossaddeq Street from the north and prevented inflow of traffic. But starting from the south side, half of the street was occupied by protestors.
On the Azadi-Enghelab route, youths were distributing Iranian flags missing the regime’s official emblem at the center. Anti-riot forces arrested people carrying those flags and interrogated them on the streets. Smoke of tear gas and scenes of clashes had filled Enghelab Street.
Unprecedentedly dense populations of suppressive forces had amassed from the beginning of Karimkhan Street all the way to the intersection of Palestine-Keshavarz. The regime’s plainclothes agents were also on buses on Haft Tir Street heading towards Arya Shahr district, monitoring the number of people going towards Arya Shahr and using two-way radios to communicate constant updates.
State Security Forces (SSF) in Greater Tehran stationed all units from the Khomeini Brigade of its Special Forces near the local headquarters in Marvdhasht Street near Qasr Prison, and from there units were dispatched to suppress the protests.
This brigade, which is part of the logistical forces of the SSF Special Forces in Greater Tehran, was responsible for protecting northern and central Tehran, and the Revolutionary Guards forces were responsible for guarding Azadi Square and Azadi and Enghelab streets.
Revolutionary Guard Brig. Gen. Tavaf, commander of the SSF Special Forces, on Wednesday debriefed all his forces and reiterated that protestors must at all costs be “swept away” and arrested since it would otherwise the entire regime will be discredited. The large-scale arrests thoroughout the capital have taken place in this regard.
The youths in Shahrak Gharb, west of Tehran, set fire to a motorcycle belonged to the suppressive forces. They also brought down portraits of Khomeini, founder of the clerical regime, and Ali Khamenei, mullahs’ Supreme Leader, and trampled over them.

Canada to use its G8 presidency to press for Iran sanctions
Associated France Press reported that Canada will use its G8 presidency to press the club of world’s richest nations for more sanctions against Iran to try to curb its nuclear ambitions, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Wednesday. "Canada will use its G8 presidency to continue to focus international attention and action on the Iranian regime’ and ’work with its allies to find strong and viable solutions, including sanctions, to hold Iran to account,’ Harper said in a statement. It is time for Iran to end its defiance of the international community, suspend its enrichment activity and take immediate steps toward transparency and compliance by halting the construction of new enrichment sites, and fully cooperating with the International Atomic Energy Agency,’ he said. Harper’s announcement came as the US Treasury Department ordered a freeze on assets of an individual and four companies linked to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard.