Sunday, February 28, 2010


Three men hanged in Zahedan and Isfahan in Iran
The Iranian regime’s henchmen have hanged three men, one in the eastern city of Zahedan and the others in the central city of Isfahan, state-run daily Kayhan reported on Monday. It said two men were hanged on Saturday in a prison in Isfahan, while the other was executed on Sunday in a prison in Zahedan.

Iranian regime’s Intelligence Ministry arrests Bazaar merchant in Tehran
According to NCRI’s statement a Tehran Bazaar merchant has been arrested during a raid by the regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) agents and taken to Ward 209 of the notorious Evin prison. Mr. Niakan, 48, is a former political prisoner during the 1980s. He was imprisoned from 1982 to 1990 and placed under medieval tortures during this time. MOIS agents raided his residence at 1:30 AM local time on February 7 and made the arrest. Six agents took part in the raid commanded by an individual known by the pseudonym Alavi. Mr. Niakan’s cell phone, satellite receiver, laptop, telephone list and hand-written documents were confiscated by the agents during the raid. He was interrogated and threatened for an hour in his family house by Alavi, an MOIS chief interrogator. The statement by the National Council of Resistance of Iran added: Currently, a number of Tehran Bazaar merchants are imprisoned at Evin prison, including Mohsen Dokmehchi, Javad Lari, and Mohammad Banazadeh Amirkhizi.

An Assyrian leader of the Kermanshah Church in Iran has been arrested
PCTV Newsdesk, Iran: February 21, 2010,
The Farsi Christian News Network is reporting the arrest of the Rev. Wilson Issavi, the Assyrian leader of the Evangelical Church of Karmanshah in Iran.The news source says that the pastor was arrested on February 2, 2010, by local agents of state security while visiting one of his old friends in Shahin Shahr, Isfahan, and moved to an undisclosed location.
’The security agents entered the house unannounced and took him and the host couple and a visiting lady away,’ said the FCCN story. ’Later on, the host’s wife was released. Since the day of the arrest it has been impossible for friends and family to find out about the whereabouts or well being of Rev. Issavi.
The story says that the Rev. Wilson Issavi is the serving pastor of the Assyrian Evangelical Church in Karmanshah, which is an old and historical building in dire need of repair, and is not been extensively used, except for weekly Christian worship. ’On January 2, 2010, one month before the arrest of Pastor Wilson Issavi, after forced entry into his house by a number of plainclothes local security agents, the Kermanshah Church was sealed and ordered not to be reopened,’ the FCCN story stated.’
Despite the fact that FCNN correspondents had immediately become aware of this ’abhorring invasion of a small and only church in the west of the country,’ after a telephone and direct enquiry, Pastor Wilson had requested FCNN not to publicize the news ’lest the authorities are provoked into inflicting more harm and hoping to find a reasonable dialogue and reopen the church!’FCNN says that it had respected the wishes of Rev. Issavi and held back until now on releasing the news.’This cowardly act was perpetrated by the security agents after they had called him on his mobile [phone], enquiring about his whereabouts, and being sure that he was not home to defend his house and his household,’ said the FCCN story. ’As stated by family members to friends, the security agents had ransacked the house in his absence and had taken away much of his personal possessions.’ FCCN concluded its story by saying, ’It is noteworthy that, in line with closure of churches and also shortly before the inhibition imposed on ’Jamaate Rabani’ (Assemblies of God) church to stop Friday evening meetings (which have been conducted from the day the church was inaugurated!), the Assyrian Pentecostal church of ’Shahre Ara’ district of Tehran was closed in March 2009 by direct threats of the government and most regretful collaboration of ’Jonathan Beit Kolia’, the representative of the Assyrian minority in the parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran.’