Monday, April 05, 2010


Hundreds arrested for chanting anti-regime slogans on Friday
Hundreds of residents of Tehran and other cities across Iran were arrested during protests on the 13th day of the Iranian New Year holiday (Sizdeh-be-dar) on Friday.
The Iranian regime’s State Security Forces (SSF) arrested a number of protesters in various locations across Tehran, including Melat, Daneshjoo, Shaqayeq and Chitgar parks, Azadi Square and Janat-abad district.
In central city of Esfahan, a number of people were arrested in Aineh Park, Kourosh Park and other locations in the city. They were transferred to unknown location.
In western city of Orumieh, the suppressive forces clashed with a large crowd who had gathered on a bridge over the Orumieh Lake on Friday. The suppressive forces fired teargas to break up the crowd and at least a hundred were arrested. The SSF established checkpoints on roads leading to the area to prevent people from joining the protest. A number of people who were trying to reach the lake on buses coming from cities of Ilkhchi and Salmas were arrested.

G8 increases pressure on Iran over nuclear program Module body
The world's leading industrial nations called on Tuesday for stronger action against Iran over its nuclear program and the United States said it was confident China would agree on the need for sanctions. Foreign ministers from the Group of Eight nations urged the international community to take "appropriate and strong steps" to show its resolve over the nuclear program, which Tehran insists it’s purely peaceful. Western members of the U.N. Security Council are pushing for a fourth round of sanctions against Iran, which many nations suspect is trying to develop nuclear weapons. In Gatineau- Quebec a group of Iranians gathered as the G8 members were meeting. They were chanting anit Iranian regime slogan and demanded a stronger measure be taken against the Iranian regime.