Sunday, June 06, 2010


European Parliamentarians protest Motaki’s visit

Iranian regime’s Foreign Minister Manuchehr Motaki, arrived as European Parliamentarians showed posters of Nada, a woman who was killed by security forces in Iran, at the European Parliament in Brussels , Belgium on June 1st. The parliamentarians called Motaki “murderer” and were asking him how many did your government killed today?

Police say Iranian artist found after 12 days

Associated Press reported on June 4th that the German police said a renowned exiled Iranian artist and filmmaker had been missing for 11 days and authorities were trying to determine his whereabouts. Berlin police spokesman Guido Busch said Friday, they had no information on where Daryush Shokof was. He said that ’as of now we don’t have any evidence that a crime took place. ’The 55-year-old Berlin resident was last seen May 24 in Cologne, where he planned to board a train to Paris. Kazem Moussavi, a friend of Shokof’s, said that Shokof was ’a harsh critic of the Iranian government and constantly received threatening phone calls.’ Last month, two new Shokof films critical of the Iranian government were shown in Berlin. On Sunday the police said that Mr. Shakof was found. His disappearance made the Iranian community in Germany panic.

Iranian authorities step up arrests of women for ’immodest’ dress

Washington Post reported on June 2nd that the Iranian authorities have begun police patrols in the capital to arrest women wearing clothes deemed improper. The campaign against loose-fitting veils and other signs of modernism comes as government opponents are calling for rallies to mark the anniversary of the disputed presidential election, and critics of the crackdown say it is stoking feelings of discontent. Iran’s interior minister has promised a 'chastity plan' to promote the proper covering 'from kindergarten to families,' though the details are unclear. Tehran police have been arresting women for wearing short coats or improper veils and even for being too suntanned. Witnesses report fines up to $800 for dress considered immodest. Some here say the new measures are part of a government campaign of intimidation ahead of the election anniversary this month.