Sunday, June 13, 2010


Bassij commanders voice fears and confess to extensive protests and clashes in Tehran

In a confidential document, obtained by the National Council of Resistance of Iran, commanders of the paramilitary Bassij Force confessed to the breadth of protests and clashes on June 12. Hit and runs occurred in various locations of Tehran. Among other things, the report refers to protest acts by people including in Tehran, Sharif, Science and Technology and Arts universities as well the vicinities, in addition to the streets of Azadi, Azarbaijan, Khoush, Navab, Amir-Abad, Molla Sadra, Karimkhan, Vali Asr Square and Vali Asr intersection, Enqelab Square and Enqelab Street, Ferdowsi Square and Ferdowsi Street, Fisher-Abad, Vanak Square, Towhid Square, and Palestine Square. The report also mentions that people set tires ablaze in order to neutralize the effects of tear gas in several parts of the city, including Shahrak-e Gharb. The internal document also refers to the protest act at Rasht University as well as its suppression by the clerical regime’s forces, in addition to graffiti writing in various cities, including Bushehr and towns in the province of Mazandaran, and protest acts and distribution of pamphlets in Shiraz.

On Saturday afternoon, the students of Elm va Sanaat (Science and Technology) University staged a protest gathering despite a heavy presence of suppressive forces. A large number of people also gathered in front of the university in support of the students. According to reports at 7:15 Pm local time, a large number of people also gathered in front of the University of Tehran in solidarity with the students, chanting “Khamenei shame on you, let go of our country”. The suppressive forces attacked people, wounding and arresting some of them, in order to force the population to disperse. At least 12 people were arrested in these skirmishes and were taken to undisclosed locations. Regime agents on motorbikes wielded batons as they patrolled surrounding university streets, seriously wounding youths as a result. One of the injured was a young girl. Inside the University of Tehran, members of the paramilitary Bassij Force and intelligence agents from Herasat Office (Protection Office, a branch of the regime’s Ministry of Intelligence on campus) attacked students with batons and sticks, wounding many of them in the process. The university’s front gate has been locked with a chain. According to reports some 900 people were arrested during the anniversary of the people’s uprising in Iran.

Iranian says he was kidnapped

The Iranian dissident who went missing for almost two weeks in Germany told The Associated Press on Thursday he was kidnapped by four Arabic-speaking men who threatened to kill him for a film he made that is critical of the Iranian regime. In his first interview since his ordeal, Daryush Shokof said he thought the kidnapping was orchestrated by the regime in Tehran even though his captors didn’t speak in Farsi, which is spoken in Iran. 'I am convinced that there is a connection between my kidnapping and the Iranian regime,' Shokof said in a phone interview from Cologne, where he’s under police protection. 'This was the act of this horrendous regime' he told AP.