Sunday, August 22, 2010


Iran: Political prisoner’s tongue cut out by interrogators

Interrogators at the notorious Evin prison in Tehran have reportedly cut out the tongue of a Kurdish political prisoner, leaving him in critical condition. According to the 24-Katjemi website and Dijleh news agency, Matin Arjan, a resident of Bateman town in Turkey’s Kurdistan region, had his tongue cut out by interrogators at Evin. Over the past year, Mr. Arjan suffered two brain strokes, leaving him paralyzed and unable to walk.The political prisoner’s brother told Dijleh news agency, “I have come to Iran 4 times and met my brother. Matin is constantly under torture and spends most of his time in solitary confinement. They have cut out his tongue. He is not being treated and is now on the brink of death.” Mr. Zeki Arjan added, “I have already paid officials 20,000 Euros to free my brother, but they have not done so and have threatened me that I will be killed if I don’t leave Iran.” Last year, the Committee of Human Rights Reporters referred to the psychological and physical pressures against the Kurdish activist, saying that the beatings he has endured have caused kidney and lung complications. Matin Arjan is 35 years old. He was arrested in May of 2005 on charges of entering Iran and contacting Kurdish activists, and subsequently sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Iran: Female protestor charged with "moharebeh," may be sentenced to death

The Iranian regime tried a female protestor this week on charges of “acting against security,” “distributing propaganda against the establishment” and “moharebeh” (waging war on God). Ms. Zahra Bahrami was arrested during Ashura day protests on December 27, 2009. Another prisoner who was arrested on Ashura Day has been sentenced to execution. The Iranian regime has also sentenced a prisoner to death in the southern province of Boushehr. Amir Abbas Tavakoli Borazjani is a member of a well-known family in Bushehr who along with his brother was arrested two years ago during a violent raid by the regime for beating and killing an agent of the State Security Forces (SSF) and carrying a weapon. During the violent SSF raid, the mother of the family, Ms. Soudabeh Shadpour, was shot in the neck. Amir’s brother, Hossein, died under torture on July 27, 2008, while in prison about a month after his arrest. According to obtained reports by the NCRI, Mr. Tavakoli Borazjani is being held at Gohardasht prison and is being subjected to torture. He is known to rise up in defense of prisoners against attacks by guards, which leads to his torture. Regime intelligence agents have reportedly visited Tavakoli Borazjani family threatening them not to reveal the facts of their son’s case in court. The judge who sentenced Amir Abbas to death is identified as Nourollah Azizi who according to his own admissions in the regime’s media has signed the death sentences of 3,500 people.

Cleric smuggles narcotics into Iran prison

Iran focus reported on Thursday that a Cleric named Massih Mottalebi, congregation leader of Gohardast Prison in Karaj, west of Tehran, is responsible for the entry of narcotics into the prison. His involvement has become common knowledge among prisoners. Inmates who oppose his actions are transferred to other prisons. Iran Focus added: So widespread is the entry of narcotics into the prison that the smell of opium fills the air in most hallways and common areas throughout the day, sources say. Many prisoners, especially those who are downtrodden, have become addicted.

Iran: Young man shot dead by suppressive forces in Ahwaz

A 26-year-old man was shot dead in Yaser township of Omidieh in Ahwaz, provincial capital of Khuzistan, on Tuesday, August 17, by agents of the State Security Forces (SSF). He was identified as Ali Badiri from Arab ethnic population. People who witnessed the criminal act protested against the suppressive forces and they had to call in reinforcements. The regime’s agents transferred the young man’s corps to the mortuary. He was under prosecution for his opposition to the clerical rule but the regime accused him of robbery and drug smuggling in order to justify its crime.

Iran: Three weeks on, the fate of political prisoners on hunger strike still unknown

According to the Aug. 17th report by the NCRI(National Council of Resistance of Iran) almost three weeks into a hunger strike launched by political prisoners in Ward 350 of the notorious Evin in Tehran, a lawyer for two of them says it is unclear how many are still continuing their strike after 20 days. The strike was launched in protest to the transfer of the prisoners to solitary confinement as well as to the cruel treatments of political prisoners by guards. In an interview with German radio Deutsche Welle, the lawyer, Ms. Nasrin Sotoudeh, said other lawyers are unaware of the situation of their clients and families have written a letter demanding an opportunity to meet with their detained loved ones. Ms. Sotoudeh said she represents Messrs Keyvan Samimi and Zia Nabavi. She told the German radio, “In view of the two prisoners’ lengthy hunger strike, it is natural for me to express worry about their health. There have been no phone calls or any credible information about these prisoners. We don’t know if they have ended their strike or if they are in good health or not.” Ms. Sotoudeh added, “Zia Nabavi’s family visited my office and said their attempts to make inquiries at Evin prison or from judiciary officials have led to no where, and they face a continued threat of detention as well as insults and other forms of abusive behavior.”

Iran: Political prisoner in Oroumieh launches hunger strike

A political prisoner in northwestern Iran launched a hunger strike on Sunday, August 15, according to reports. Mohammad Amin Agoushi, who is being held at the central prison in Oroumieh, has been sentenced to death by the Iranian regime on charges of “moharebeh” or “waging war on God.” He went on a hunger strike in protest to pressures in prison and a decision to keep him in a ward where regular prisoners are being held.

Iran: Suppressive forces attack and arrest youth in Tehran on bogus charges

The Iranian regime’s State Security Forces (SSF) attacked youths and passersby in Tehran’s Narmak and Tehran Pars districts, according to reports on Monday, arresting more than 50 people under the pretexts of “mal-veiling” and as “hooligans and thugs.” The SSF forces went on alert on Monday afternoon in Narmak, Haft Hoz, and Javadieh streets in Tehran Pars, patrolling the areas and arresting and beating passersby. Youths, however, resisted the violent attack and clashes ensued. The SSF forces fired tear gas to combat the protests. In Haft Hoze St., a number of young girls were arrested for “mal-veiling.” Motorcycle riders were also attacked and a number of them were arrested and later transferred to the police station in Haft Hoz. On Sunday, there were reports of several hours of clashes between people and the regime’s suppressive forces, with gun shots being heard, in the southern Tehran district of Ghiasi. A number of pictures have in recent days been published on the Internet showing the suppressive agents’ attacks against youths in Iran