Sunday, October 17, 2010


Iranian diva, Marzieh, lost her battle to cancer on Wednesday

Legendary Iranian singer, Ashraf-o-Sadat Mortezai known as Marzieh, passed away in Paris at the age of 85. Marzieh who had lost her daughter to cancer last march، lost her own battle to cancer on Wednesday. Marzieh was the first female singer to perform in radio Iran’s Golha-ye-Rangarang program in 1946. After the Islamic revolution، she stayed in Iran for over 16 years away from the stage. In the 1990s، she left Iran and made her residence in France joining the National Council of Resistance of Iran. Marzieh said: “when Iranian families rarely sent their daughters in pursuit of education، my father, despite belonging to the clergy, encouraged me to pursue contemporary education. When I started to sing، becoming a singer for women was out of the ordinary and at the same time, a singer had to have academic education as well as knowledge of classical music، in addition to a good voice. Furthermore، a number of music masters had to approve of her singing techniques and we had to be well-acquainted with musical theory. I spent many years studying under the supervision of several top masters before beginning my singing career “. Marzieh entered the music arena in 1934. She appeared on stage as Shirin in Shirin and Farhad which was repeated for 37 nights bringing her immediate success and initiating her immense and lasting popularity with the public . Marzieh died on Wed. Oct. 13, 2010 of bone cancer.

Iranian chocolate thief ’to have hand chopped off’

Associated France Press reportd that an Iranian court has condemned a man convicted of robbing chocolates and cocoa from a Tehran pastry shop to have a hand chopped off, Fars 21-year-old man, whose identity was not revealed, to six months in prison for damaging the shop and another six months for 'disobeying police.' Fars said police arrested him on May 29 and found in his possession 900 dollars worth of cash, three pair of gloves, chocolate and cocoa.

3 female students gone missing in Iran

Iran Focus reported on Sat. that three politically active female students at Honar (Art) University in the Iranian capital have disappeared in the past month, a student at the university told Iran Focus. The three students are Massoumeh Shahsavari a junior, Firouzeh Ansari and Marjan Eftekhari, seniors. Follow-ups by their families have been futile.