Sunday, January 02, 2011


Mohsen dokmechi’s life is in danger

According to National Council of Resistance of Iran, political prisoner Mr. Mohsen Dokmechi, 50, who is suffering from Pancreatic Cancer, is in critical condition due to lack of essential medical care. Symptoms of the illness became apparent months ago, yet the mullahs’ henchmen refrained from giving him any medical attention. NCRI added: Now, due to the progress of his cancer, he is suffering from severe pains and has lost a lot of weight. He was transferred to Taleqani Hospital last week. The henchmen cuffed his hands and legs to his bed, even though he had no strength to move. He underwent a five hour surgery in the Modares Hospital on Thursday, December 30, and is now being guarded by three revolutionary guards in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit. Many other political prisoners, including Messrs. Mashallah (Hamid) Ha’eri suffering from acute heart disease, Jafar Kazemi, suffering from sciatic, and Mr. Mohammad Oliyaie-Fard, suffering from cancer are among the other prisoners who are deprived of the minimum medical attention and are in critical conditions.

16 people were executions in Qom, Zahedan, Saveh, Sari and Orumieh

The Iranian regime hanged 4 people in Zahedan Prison on charges of “spreading corruption on earth” on Saturday, January 1st. Mullah Hamidi, judiciary chief of Sistan-Baluchestan Province, southeastern Iran, also accused those hanged of killing a state security agent (State run IRNA News Agency, January 1st). The judiciary chief of Qom, central Iran, announced that last week 8 prisoners were executed on drug trafficking charges and the death sentences had been issued for 16 other prisoners. Execution of two prisoners in Saveh, one prisoner in Sari (25 December), one prisoner in Orumieh (23 December), issuing death sentence for one prisoner in Tehran and appeal for the execution of 5 prisoners in Esfahan are also amongst suppressive measures of the Iranian regime in the past days. In the meantime, the Iranian regime’s state-run media reported imminent execution of Saber Shariati, a 20-year old prisoner aged 15 at the time of his attributed crime. In the past, implementation of this sentence was suspended due to international protests. On Sunday, 26 December 2010, the Iranian regime’s intelligence agents shot dead a deprived villager and arrested his brother in an attack on the border village of Kahnouk in the province of Sistan-Baluchestan.