Sunday, January 16, 2011


A Kurdish Political prisoner Hossein Khezri was executed on sat.

The sentence has been carried out while various news agencies had stated that he was going to be executed soon. Khezri had been held in prison limbo and his family was concerned about his condition. According to RAHANA, his sentence has been carried out in the Oroumiyeh Prison. Islamic republic News Agency has reported that a terrorist member of PJAK has been executed. His death sentence was held in the judiciary of Oroumiyeh Prison. Khezri was detained on August 1, 2008 in Kermanshah by the IRGC officials and was interrogated until mid February. He was then transferred to Oroumiyeh and his only court session was held in the Oroumiyeh Revolutionary Court. His trial lasted 10 minutes and he was charged with anti-regime propaganda and collaborating with anti-regime groups. The 10th branch of Western Azerbaijan upheld the sentence in August of 2009 and the verdict was delivered to him in prison. Accoriding to reports with the execution of Hossein Khezri the Iranian regime continues its brutal campaign of terror and repression, designed to break the resistance of dissidents who stand against the dictatorship. As the regime continues to implement massive economic subsidy cuts, it hopes to quell any notion of dissent or opposition by continual executions especially against members of organized opposition groups, including PJAK and PMOI. The Iranian regime’s Prisons Organization intends to step up pressures and inhumane treatment of political prisoners through the adoption of new regulations, the Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran has reported. Prison rules are undergoing changes to incorporate extensive provisions allowing more inhumane treatment of the prisoners. The rules have been approved by Sadeq Larijani, the regime’s judiciary chief, who oversees the prison system. The regime’s torturers and henchmen in prisons had been calling for broader authorities in order to legalize more torture methods. Currently, political prisoners in Iran are subjected to systematic and severe psychological and physical tortures by the Iranian regime. The clerical regime has also intensified executions. Over 75 people have been executed in Iran in less than a month, according to reports.

International call to release Iranian lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh

In a suppressive decision, Mrs. Nasrin Sotoudeh, lawyer of political prisoners in Iran, has been sentenced to 11 years of imprisonment, 20 year ban on leaving the country, and 20 year ban on practicing law. She was charged with “collaborating against state security, propaganda against the establishment, and not observing hejab (the regime’s dress code) while delivering speech.” Mrs. Sotoudeh, mother of two children of 3 and 10 years of age, has been held in solitary confinements in Ward 209 of Tehran’s Evin Prison since her arrest on September 5, 2010. In other news Europe’s foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton on Tuesday called for the repeal of a six-year jail sentence and 20-year ban on film-making against prominent Iranian director Jafar Panahi. Ashton said the December sentences, coupled with bans on giving interviews and travelling abroad, would prevent Panahi from “exercising his fundamental right to freedom of expression”, enshrined in the international rights code to which Iran is a party. Panahi, 50, was sentenced to jail for “propaganda against the system” after making a film about unrest in Iran after the disputed re-election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in June 2009. In support of Panahi Hollywood shines light on director's sentencing in Iran. Paul Haggis urges stars to wear white ribbons in support of directors Jafar Panahi and Mohammad Rasoulof, sentenced to six years in prison.