Thursday, January 20, 2011

"Iranium" and it's cancellation in Ottawa

As the Iranian regime intensifies the wave of execution in Iran, the news of the screening cancellation of a documentary film in “Library and Archives Canada” rightfully hits the Canadian media.

On Sunday Jan. 16, 2011 “Iranium”- a documentary revealing the Iranian regime’s atomic ambitions was cancelled after the Iranian regime’s embassy officially opposed it and asked the “Library and Archives Canada” to cancel the screening of the film. For reasons unknown the LAC agreed! Yet the screening of the documentary was postponed to Tuesday. On Tuesday the unidentified and threatening emails the delivery of two suspicious letters to the LAC, forced this center to cancel the film all together. James Moore, minister of Heritage and Jason Kenney, minister of Immigration stepped in. Mr. Moore announced that “the show will go on” and he would not allow the Iranian embassy to dictate Canada.

The question that comes to mind is that how the Iranian regime has become so impudent that it can use threats to bully a Canadian institution. For years the Iranian embassy has infiltrated Canada’s democracy by its affiliates to pursue its agenda. The Mullahs embassy as such has seeded its affiliates into political scene (Iranian embassy and Canada’s Green party:, and opening a so called Cultural Center in Ottawa to spy on Iranian dissidents, and misinforming the Canadian authorities to limit the dissident’s and opposition’s activities against the Iranian regime.

Even though the Iranian-Canadians has revealed Mullah’s attempts but the Iranian regime through its embassy has continued its activities and has used whatever tool deemed necessary to reach its goals. And now that the so called Khatami’s (former president of the regime) “talks among civilizations” doesn’t cut it anymore, they use Ahmadinejad’s ways by threatening and hoping to transfer its oppressed culture into Canada. The Iranian regime may have hoped that the Canadian police arrest the director and he would face the same fate as the Iranian director Jafar Panahi.

Fortunately the Canadian government has stood its ground. What has to be asked is why and how Canada has let this anti democratic regime to become so valiant to continue bullying? And wondering what source is feeding misleading information about the Iranian dissidents to Canadian authorities such as CISIS and the RCMP? Why the dissidents of a regime which has been condemned repeatedly over its human rights violations by Canada, is labelled as terrorists while the Mullahs continue their terrorist and espionage activities in Canada and elsewhere?

For years the Iranian dissidents have been under the watch full eye of intelligent organizations such as CISIS and the RCMP, particularly and due to misleading information trickled by the Iranian regime. In some cases CISIS and the RCMP have been the tools for the Iranian regime to oppress the Iranian dissidents in Canada. When Canada’s intelligent agencies trust those misleading information, it signals the Mullahs that there’s room to manoeuvre and that they have the green light to intensify the pressure on Iranian dissidents. It is a known fact that the Iranian regime through families such as Rafsanjani’s and others had poured so much of the Iranian people’s stolen money into Canadian economy that it has blinded our officials.

Undoubtedly with the Iranian embassy’s latest attempt to threat a Canadian institution it has finally forced Canada to stand up to that regime and say NO. The behaviour of the Iranian embassy officials which reveals the true face behind the beautiful mask and accusing Canada of being “one sided” will not raise pity but will shine more light on the dictatorship atmosphere in Iran for Canada and its citizens to see.

Narges Ghaffari

Jan. 20, 2011