Sunday, February 06, 2011


Teenager sentenced to death in Iran

An Iranian court in the province of Fars has sentenced a teenage boy to death by hanging. According to reports from Harana news agency on Saturday, Ashkan Miri was 14 at the time of committing the crime attributed to him by the regime. He was reportedly involved in a brawl that led to the accidental death of another teenager. Reports also indicate that Ashkan’s father had give up his son to the regime’s judiciary thinking that because of his young age he would not face the death penalty. But, the regime’s judiciary officials sentenced him to death nonetheless.

UN Rights Chief Slams Iran for Large Number of Executions

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, expresses alarm at the dramatic increase in executions in Iran since the beginning of this year. Pillay is calling on the Iranian authorities to establish a moratorium on executions with a view to abolishing the death penalty. Iranian press reports say at least 66 people were executed in the month of January.

Regime’s Intelligence Ministry doesn’t permit deliverance of Zahra Bahrami’s body to her family

On Monday Jan. 31 when Banafsheh, Zahra Bahrami’s daughter, went to receive her mother’s body the agents of Intelligence Ministry didn’t permit it. In addition they threatened her of having any interview about her mother’s execution and told her that she must give all her mother’s belongings to the regime or she must deposit the equivalent amount of money to the account number that they appoint for that purpose. The Dutch government is also demanding the return of Bahrami's body to Netherland.

Iran bans state TV from teaching foreign recipes

Associate Press reported on Sunday that a state-owned news website says Iran’s broadcasting authority has banned Iranian TV channels from showing cooking programs that present recipes for foreign cuisine. Jamejamonline reported late Saturday that the deputy head of Iran’s state broadcasting company, Ali Darabi, announced the ban during a visit to one of the country’s 30 state-run TV channels. Some cooking programs on Iranian stations present recipes for foreign cuisine, such as Italian and French. The ban is seen as part of a nationalistic campaign increasingly pushed by Iran’s government in recent years. Pizza, pasta and Western fast foods like hamburgers and hot-dogs are popular in Iran, and Tehran boasts many restaurants that serve Western or Asian food.

Egypt tells Iran: mind your own business

Accorging to Washin post Egypt’s foreign minister has told the Iranian regime to mind its own business after Iran’s top leader praised the Egyptian uprising as an appropriate response to dictatorial rule. Ahmed Aboul Gheit told reporters Saturday that Iran’s Ali Khamenei seems to have forgotten about the crushing of widespread protests in Iran two years ago.
Aboul Gheit said Khamenei should be more attentive to calls for freedom in Iran rather than ’distracting the Iranian people’s attention by hiding behind what is happening in Egypt.’ The Egyptian foreign minister said that ’Iran’s critical moment has not come yet, but we will watch that moment with great anticipation and interest.’ Egypt has been rocked by two weeks of protests seeking the ouster of Hosni Mubarak.