Sunday, February 13, 2011


10 secretly hanged in Mashhad prison

On Tuesday, the Iranian regime secretly hanged 10 prisoners collectively at Vakilabad prison in the northeastern city f Mashhad, according to human rights groups and Harana news agency. The Human Rights Organization of Iran reported that the 10 were allegedly charged with drug-related offenses. The hangings took place without the prior knowledge of the lawyers or families.

Fearful of protests, regime targets the internet and phone lines

According to National Council of Resistance of Iran or NCRI, Fearing increased usage of the internet for planning anti-regime protests by Iranian youths, the regime has disrupted internet connections in cities like Shahr-e Kord, where internet service providers have stopped service completely for long hours citing “technical difficulties.” It has been reported that according to telecommunication engineers, the disruption did not arise from technical issues but rather deliberate attempts by the regime to choke off growing use of internet and its social forums against the regime. The Iranian regime’s telecommunications company in Tehran has disrupted telephone usage in vast parts of the city, it was reported on Thursday. Since Tuesday night and simultaneous with growing public calls for an anti-regime protest on the 32nd anniversary of the Iranian revolution, mobile phones in extensive parts of Tehran were reported to have limited or no connectivity.


And finally after almost 30 years of dictatorship, Hosni Mobarak was forced by the Egyptian people to leave the presidentcy in Egypt. This victory will have positive implications in the Middle East. As such 14 of Feb. is set for demonstrations in Iran. On Valentine’s Day the Iranian people are getting ready to show their love for freedom and to show how much they’re willing to give for democracy once more. Even though some fractions do not want to hear anti-Khamenie slogans but this is innavitable.