Sunday, June 19, 2011


Exiled Iranian group wants UN to watch Iraq camp

Associated Press reported: A leader of an exiled Iranian opposition group says the United Nations must monitor its camp in Iraq after a deadly April attack by the Iraqi army. Maryam Rajavi of the People’s Mujahedeen of Iran told thousands of followers at a gathering Saturday outside Paris that U.N. monitors in Camp Ashraf is the most expedient short-term way to protect the 3,400 people living there. The camp was installed under Saddam Hussein and once used as a base to battle the clerical regime across the border in Iran. The U.S. has labeled the Mujahedeen a terrorist group, and Rajavi says Washington is responsible for the situation in Ashraf because it has ’shackled the main force for change in Iran.’ An Iraqi army attack on the enclave killed up to 35 people and injured hundreds.

Two brothers executed by mullahs’ regime in Dezful

Accoeding to National Council of Rrsistance of Iran, continuing the wave of executions and widespread suppression, mullahs hanged two brothers last Sunday morning (June 12) in the city of dezful, state-run Asre Iran reported. The head of disciplinary forces in dezful, Iraj Nadebi announced the two victims to be Karim and Rahim Pourmahmoud.

Iran: Three state security forces die in Delgan

According to the Mehr News Agency, the governor of Delgan (Southeast of Iran) said that armed men in Galamourti – in the Zahedan Province (east of Iran) – killed 3 members of the regimes suppressive forces. One of the dead men was Ali Reza Hamai Faseeh another man a member of the local Basij and the last an IRGC personnel, said Reza Meshkini to the Mehr News Agency.

Iran: People boycott regime TV

The cultural advisor to the Iranian regime’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has acknowledged the people’s widespread hatred toward its television programming, saying, “Satellites have brought the sedition into people’s homes. ”Saffar Harandi, whose remarks were published by the IRGC-affiliated Fars news agency, added, “The enemy is presenting itself currently with a clean face and is very dangerous in the current circumstances. Naturally, the biggest instrument of the enemy is the media.”


Monday June 20th a gathering is expected to be held at the Parliament Hill here in Ottawa from 12 to 2PM, organized by CFPPI, Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran. June 20th is named a Global day of action in support of political prisoners in Iran. This global event is going to take place in at leaset 49 cities around the world. For more Linkinfo please visit: