Monday, June 27, 2011


Labor activist summoned to revolutionary court

According to reports, Yadollah Qotbi, a labor activist, must go to the Islamic revolutionary court of Sanandaj on 13 July of this year. It is noted that he was previously summoned and arrested on Labor’s Day and subsequently released on bail.

Amnesty International calls for release of an Iranian political prisoner

According to National Council of Resistance of Iran, on Thursday Amnesty International issued a statement calling for the release of Farzad Haghshenas, a Kurdish speaking Iranian political prisoner. Amnesty’s statement pointed out the torture and harassment of this political prisoner and said: Farzad Haghshenas, who is 35 years old and is from Kurdestan province was arrested by the security agents of Islamic Republic of Iran without any explanations or reasons and was transferred to the Intelligence Ministry’s offices in the city of Marivan.

Iran’s protesting mothers send open letter to UN rights investigator on Iran

Mothers taking part in protest gatherings in Tehran’s Laleh Park, sent an open letter to Ahmed Shaheed, the newly appointed UN Human Rights Special Rapporteur on Iran, describing a small portion of the numerous human rights violations in Iran. These protesting mothers called on Shaheed to inspect and conduct an in-depth investigation into Iran’s prison conditions. They also asked the UN special rapporteur to take measures to guarantee the security of political prisoners and meet with them in person. Last week the Iranian regime’s member of parliamant said that they would not allow Shaheed to enter Iran.

Iran: Sit-in of Marvdasht Test Factory workers

Based on reports from Marvdasht in Fars Province (central Iran), on Saturday over 150 workers of the Test Factory staged a sit-in inside the factory in protest to the expulsion of 6 fellow workers and 5 months of unpaid wages. The protesting workers announced they will continue their sit-in until their demands are met. Last week, Marvdasht workers staged a protest outside the regime’s governorate office in Fars Province and clashed with repressive State Security Forces.

Five of 12 hunger strikers transferred to the infirmary

According to Rahana, 5 of the 12 prisoners on hunger strike have been transferred to the Ward 350 infirmary after more than a week without food. They are on hunger strike to protest the death of Reza Hoda Saber who died 10 days into his hunger strike and the death of Hale Sahabi.

Eight million are unemployed in Iran

Saham News web site reported on June 22 that Daryush Qanbari, a member of regime’s majlis said: “I consider the unemployment rate in Iran to be 30%. Of course, the official statistics declare the unemployment rate to be 14% and the number of unemployed more than 3 million people, but these statistics do not include the women and the university students while the students will soon join the army of unemployed and jobs must be created for them. On the other hand, the conscript soldiers are considered employed by these statistics as well, but upon completion of their compulsory service, they will become unemployed too. If we include the soldiers and students, the number of unemployed in the country reaches 8 million”, He added.