Monday, July 18, 2011


The Iranian regime starts sexual segregation in universities
The sexual segregation plan that has been planned by the government and has obligated universities to carry it out is being openly carried out in Alameh University in a humiliating way. According to this plan the girls and boys will go to university on different days and the name of university professors have been put in black and grey lists to limit their communications with students of the opposite sex.

Iranian regime arrested 12 young men and women in mixed party in Qazvin
According to Human Rights Activists in Iran, on the night of July 8, security forces entered a private mixed party in the Haft Sangan Township in Qazvin and arrested 12 young people. According to reports, the forces arrested seven boys and five girls and took them to the police station. Two of the girls were released that night after signing a pledge but the others were taken to a detention center. 

Iranian regime sentences Dervishes to prison and flogging for protesting
Four Neimatollahi Dervishes were sentenced to prison terms and flogging by the first branch of the Sarvestan Public Court in Fars Province. According to reports, 11 months after a strike by Neimatollahi Dervishes  outside of the Sarvestan Governor’s Office, four Dervishes identified as Farzad Darvish  Sarvestani, Mohammad-Ali Sadi, Mohammad-Jalal Nikbakht Sarvestani and Hojjatollah Saiedi were sentenced to six months of prison and 40 lashes on charges of ‘disrupting public order’.

Girls forced to wear ‘chador’ in Bushehr’s schools
According to Bona State-run media July 13, the head of the Bushehr Educational Department said that the plan to carry out the Islamic covering and chador (head to toe covering for women) will be carried out from September 23 in the new academic year in 39 specific junior high and high schools in this province. He said that this plan would be implemented in all schools in the Bushehr province. “Students can enroll for the new school year from June 22 and since the Moral Charter was announced to schools, the students’ parents have to sign a pledge, otherwise they will not be able to enroll their children”. 

Iranian regime carries out new wave of arrests of Baha’is
In the ongoing measures carried out against Baha’is by the security apparatus, more than 10 people in Isfahan and Yakan in Birjand were arrested. According to Human Rights Activists in Iran,  July 14, on the eve of Tuesday July 12, agents of the Intelligence Agency in Isfahan went to the home of Navid Parvini during a religious ceremony called the ‘Feast’ and after searching his home and seizing his computer, books and religious booklets, arrested Navid and his wife Negar Sobhanian. Keivan Dehqani, Farshid Badakhsh and a number of other Baha’is (about 12 people) in the ceremony were also arrested and taken to an unknown location.