Monday, September 05, 2011


Thousands demonstrate in Tabriz and Urumieh in all-out uprisings
Thousands took to the streets in an all-out uprising Iranian northwestern city of Urumieh on Saturday, clashing with suppressive State Security Force units and chanting anti-government slogans. Various reports indicate up to 20,000 people took part in these demonstrations protesting the Iranian regime’s failure to halt the gradual disappearance of a vast salt lake that is crucial to the region’s economy. Clashes and hit-and-run skirmishes began at 12 noon and continued until hours into the night. Beginning outside the city’s governorate office, the enraged protesters managed to surround the building and thus expanded their demonstration to various districts and squares around the city. In Tabriz, a demonstration that began at 6 in the afternoon in the city Bazaar spread to local streets and continued to the main square with crowds numbering at over 4,000. The SSF units attacked the protesters by firing tear gas while the demonstrators remained steadfast by throwing stones. The protesters also chanted anti-government slogans during their confrontation with the regime’s forces. These demonstrations took place in support of Urumieh’s Bazaar merchants who had called for protests against the mullahs’ regime. According to Associated France Press, one of the largest salt lakes in the world and classified as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, Lake Orumiyeh has lost more than half of its surface over the last two decades due to drought and the damming of rivers feeding it. The lake could be dried out in the next two to four years and lead to apocalyptic consequences if no urgent action is taken, according to local officials and environmental experts. The lake’s disappearance would leave behind 10 billion tons of salt and jeopardise the lives of millions of people as well as the local agriculture. The mullha’s Majlis (parliament) refused in mid-August to fast-track a rescue plan presented by local lawmakers to save the lake, which is situated between East and West Azarbaijan provinces in the northwest. The refusal provoked Orumiyeh residents to demonstrate on August 27, only to be repressed by force.

Mullahs’ security forces attack Dervish communities in Fars Province
The Iranian regime’s State Security Force units and Special Anti-Riot Unit forces viciously attacked the Gonabadi dervish communities in the town of Kavar in Fars Province. The security forces fired tear gas and live rounds at the innocent civilians, resulting in a number of injuries. The attacking forces also raided a number of the dervishes’ stores and set them ablaze.

Mullahs’ increase pressure on political prisoner Hossein Ronaqi
The public prosecutor stationed in Tehran’s Evin Prison summoned political prisoner Hossein Ronaqi Malaki on Tuesday, August 30th to announce his sentencing issued by the regime’s “revolutionary” court. Ronaghi received a sentencing of 15 years of imprisonment issued by the Tehran Province Appeals Court and was asked to sign the writ announced to him. It is believed that this political prisoner has refused to sign the writ and public prosecutors have threatened to increase the pressure on him.

Baha’i Citizen Masoud Mahmoudi Detained
The security forces have arrested a Baha’I citizen, Masoud Mahmoudi and have transferred him to an unknown location. According to the Human Rights House of Iran, there are no reports as to the reason for his arrest or his whereabouts. Currently, several Baha’i citizens are serving their prison sentences in the Province of Khorasan.