Monday, October 31, 2011


The Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran said in a statement that Concurrent with the announcement of U.S. forces withdrawal from Iraq, Adnan al-Assadi, who is in charge of Iraqi Interior Ministry on behalf of Maliki, unveiled his boss’s intents for forcible relocation of Ashraf residents and their transfer to various locations inside Iraq on 27 October 2011. He said, “The central government has decided to close the camp by the end of this year and to scatter the residents to other camps in various provinces. This way, we would lead to control over the members of this organization and putting an end to its military centralism imposed on the residents. In addition, this measure would facilitate their return to their own country or other countries.” It’s important to note that the residents of Ashraf have no weapons for in 2003 upon an agreement with the US forces they handed in the weapons. Today 180 parliamentarian in Europe signed a statement urging the UN security council, US and European Parliament to cancel the deadline for Dec. 31th and for the UN to stationing UN monitors in  Camp Ashraf.

Mashhad police arrest 19 men and women for going to party
state-run website Khabar Online reported that agents of the Najafi Police Station in Mashhad arrested 9 women and 10 men in a party.
Security forces confiscate over 1000 satellite dishes in Isfahan
Agents of the Isfahan Public Security Police found and confiscated more than 1,100 pieces of satellite equipment in two computer service shops. “The owners of the shops have been referred to judicial sources along with their criminal records”, said Mir Abbas Soufivan the head of the PSP, the Public Secrurity Police.

Iranian Cleric Mohsen Ghara’ati Blames Women Opposing Polygamy
HRANA News Agency reported that in his weekly televised lessons aired on IRIB Channel 1, Iranian cleric Mohsen Ghara’ati blamed women for opposing polygamy and standing in the way of their husbands who wish to get a second wife. Hojat-ol-Islam Mohsen Ghara’ati is the head of the Center for the Promotion of Prayers and a Muslim scholar teaching and promoting the Quran. Mohsen Ghara’ati said, “If a man has the physical power and the financial resources, if he has two cars, two houses, two cell phones, and two of everything, if he can provide two of everything, when it is time for marriage, women say: No! One God; One wife”. “What does this mean? This means the hell with one million women! If they commit sins, the hell with them! If they burn in hell, the hell with them! This is female jealousy. Women’s envy and resentment cause one million other young females to remain widowed.”