Sunday, January 15, 2012


The Iranian regime hanged 12 people in Shiraz
According to state-run news agency Mehr, 7 people were hanged in Shiraz prison and 5 others in public in city of Shiraz. Their alleged crime was armed robbery. The abbreviated names of the 5 people were announced but not the other 7.

The National council of Resistance of Iran warned against the executions of family members of Ashraf residence in Iran. The NCRI said in its statement on Jan 14 that Judge Salavati for the second times has ordered the execution of Mr. Javad Lari 56 years old. He was arrested in the summer of 2009 for traveling to Camp Ashraf an Iranian resistance base in Iraq. The Iranian regime also sought to convict political prisoner Ali Moezi to death. He too was arrested for visiting his two adult children in Ashraf. Also the lives of Mr. Mohsen Daneshpoor 67 years old, Ahmad Daneshpoor and Abdolreza Ghanbari who were arrested during the uprising in 2009 and have been sentenced to execution is in danger. Mr. Gholamreza Khosravi SavadJani is also in imminent danger for giving donations to Mojahedin Khalgh Organization of Iran. He has spent 40 months is solitary confinement.

Iranian refugees in Camp Ashraf face threats from Iraq, Iran
According to NCRI’s statement on Jan. 13, Nouri Al-Maliki Iraq’s prime minister announced 126 arrest warrants for the residents of Ashraf and accuses them of terrorism, ruthless crimes inside Iraq and murder of political and religious figures in Iran. The residence of Ashraf are the Iranian refugees willing and ready to be transferred to Camp Liberty but in a safe transition under the US and UN protection.
In an interview with the Iranian regime’s official media, broadcast widely on the state radio and television network on January 12, including Channel 1, the Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, said, “The Monafeqin (a terms widely used by the Iranian regime) are a completely terrorist grouplet and the first group of them will be transferred in a few days from Camp Ashraf to a base formerly run by the Americans so that the preliminary work for their exit from this country can be performed. We stress that in less than four months from now, no Monafeq will remain in Iraq. After that Camp Ashraf will be closed and the land will be returned to its owners.”
Mrs. Rajavi, NCRI's president elect expressed regret and objection over the Iraqi government’s litany of unlawful actions as well as successive violations of international law and conventions, particularly as they relate to breaching the principle of Responsibility to Protect about Camp Ashraf. For the third time, she urged the convening of an international conference attended by SRSG, Ashraf lawyers, the Iraqi and U.S. governments; the EU, UNHCR, OHCHR and European Parliament, in order to salvage the peaceful solution. Mrs. Rajavi called on the Secretary General and the Security Council to take action to this end before it’s too late.