Sunday, February 26, 2012


110 MPs Urge UN Secretary General to Protect Iranian Dissidents
Huffington Post, wrote on 24 Feb that a letter signed by 110 cross-party MPs and Peers was on Thursday delivered to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in Lancaster House urging him to ensure United Nations protection for 3,400 Iranian dissidents in Camp Ashraf, Iraq.
The letter was supported by senior Parliamentarians.
The Parliamentarians expressed ‘deep concern regarding the relocation of the first group of 400 residents of Camp Ashraf to Camp Liberty’, a former US base near Baghdad airport now a de facto prison used by Iraq to house the dissidents.
The MPs and Peers’ letter said: ‘A group of 400 residents showed utmost flexibility and prepared themselves to move to
Camp Liberty on 17 February. This was at a time when many basic necessities at the new camp were clearly lacking. This gesture of goodwill by these residents was responded to by the Iraqi government ordering its police at the new camp to be offensive and hostile.’
‘Iraqi forces in the presence of UN monitors prevented the residents from transferring medication and medical supplies, a generator, office equipment including chairs, tables and photocopiers, a water heater and hygiene products. ‘
Camp Liberty, contrary to UNAMI’s 31 January statement, does not conform to international standards from the point of view of infrastructure. Upon arrival residents found that there was no electricity or water and its hygienic services were filthy and unusable. ‘With Mrs Rajavi having convinced the residents to accept this risky transfer, the current conditions at the camp are totally unacceptable. We expect the United Nations, with the support of the US government and the European Union to make a clear stand against the limitations that the Iraqi government is imposing on the residents. The UN, US and EU must ensure the human rights of the residents are met. UNAMI cannot justify a stance which is clearly not neutral as a result of Iraqi pressure. ‘We urge you firstly to ensure that the Iraqi police station and its forces leave the camp and are stationed outside the perimeter of it. Furthermore, you must guarantee the safety and well being of the residents by ensuring they have direct and free access to medical services and that their freedom of movement is secured. UNAMI must keep the gates of Camp Liberty open to reporters, lawyers and the families of the residents.
‘In such circumstances there can be no further transfer of residents to
Camp Liberty until such time as the current 400 residents at Camp Liberty have been safely transferred to third party states’, the letter said.

Iranian regime sentences another man to eye retribution
According to ISNA state-run news agency Mohammad-Reza N who was convicted of throwing lime in the eyes of Fatemeh K [which blinded her in both eyes] was sentenced to eye retribution in both eyes and being blinded. This is an inhumane way of punishment in Iran.

The Iranian regime hanged 2 men in Mazandaran
The Mazandaran Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor said that two rapists were executed in the cities of Sari and Tonekabon… The official website of the Mazandaran Judiciary wrote: “According to the verdict issued by the 2nd branch of the province and its confirmation in one of the branches of the Supreme Court, the two convicts were sentenced to death. The sentences were carried out at dawn today after the approval of the head of the Judiciary”, Hojatol Islam Asdollah Jafari said. “Their requests for amnesty were brought up in the Judiciary but were not accepted”, he added.

Student Activist sewed his lips together in protest in Iran, Now arrested
Freedom Messenger reported that a student Activist Dariush Jalali has been arrested for the second time this week.  The young student activist was violently detained by security forces on February 23rd and has been taken to an unknown location. Jalali sewed his lips together and chained himself to a metal rail outside of his university as an act of protest earlier this week. He said I sewed my lips because no one heard my cry against injustice. I chained my feet because my running didn’t take me anywhere, No matter how much I shouted, no one heard me. I said maybe my silence will be heard. I ran and ran but no one saw it. I said maybe I will be noticed by being in chains.” Jalali has already spent 3 months behind bars and has now been banned from his University classes.