Monday, April 16, 2012


National Council of Resistance of Iran said in a statement on April 14 that simultaneous with transfer of Ashraf residents to Camp Liberty, the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Security and Intelligence (MOIS) intends to transfer its agents, who have been engaged in psychological torture of Ashraf residents for the past 26 months, to Camp Liberty. The regime’s embassy in Baghdad has obtained the agreement of the Government of Iraq for stationing these agents at Liberty.
They are the same agents, who under the guise of families of Ashraf residents have been present in front of Ashraf since February 2009 incessantly and have been replaced by other agents in rotation.
The Government of Iraq has provided a separated part of
Camp Liberty to the Embassy so it would be assigned to its agents. Ali Reshadatmand, a notorious MOIS agent at the Embassy, is in charge of setting up this place.
Akbarzadeh and Ahmad Hajari, two of key figures of the torture campaign, who have spent most of the past 26 months in Ashraf, are supposed to be stationed at
Liberty ahead of the others. The MOIS intends to transfer all of its facilities from Ashraf to Liberty.

29 Ashraf residents injured in an attack by the Iraqi forces
according to NCRI’s statement, Last Sunday, April 8, during the inspection of belongings of the fourth group of Ashraf residents for transfer to Liberty, Iraqi forces called SWAT attacked a number of residents by stone, sticks, iron bars and electric batons and beat them strongly. As a result 29 residents including a number of women were injured.
Capt. Ahmad Khozei and Lt. Heidar Azab , two Iraqi officers were actively involved in massacres of July 2009 and April 2011, gave order of attack after the crowd was protesting the insult of Ashraf’s doctor by the forces.
The Iraqis broke glasses of the residents’ vehicles with stone and weapons stock and tore down their tires by knife. They took the driver of one of the vehicles off while his forehead was bleeding and took him with them. He was later released by another Iraqi officer. Subsequently the UN observers came to the scene and started taking pictures, interviewing the injured and taking notes of the event. In this attack Dr. Mojgan Mahdavi had her leg broken and Dr. Hassan Jazayeri was seriously beaten and his arm was injured. The Iranian resistance has called for active and urgent intervention by the United Nations and the United States to stop the violent process and remove the elements like Capt. Ahmad Khozeir and Lt. Heidar Azab from the scene. 

Iranian regime threatens to totally cut Web access
According to United Press International on April 10 the Iranian regime may completely cut millions of Internet users in the country off from the Web, and from social networks and e-mail services. In a statement last week, the Iranian minister for Information and Communications Technology said a national intranet would be established within five months in an effort to create a “clean Internet,” the International Business Times reported Tuesday. “All Internet Service Providers (ISP) should only present National Internet by August,” Reza Taghipour said in the statement.
Web sites such as Google, Hotmail, and Yahoo would be blocked and replaced by government-administered services such as Iran Mail and Iran Search Engine, the IBT report said. Censorship is nothing new for Iranian Internet users, who found the government, had cut off access several times earlier this year.