Tuesday, May 08, 2012


Nuclear powers stress ’urgent’ Iran cooperation with IAEA
According to Associated France Press the United States, China, Russia, France and Britain reiterated their call Thursday for the Iranian regime to cooperate with the UN nuclear watchdog over its disputed nuclear program. ’We remain concerned by Iran’s persistent failure to comply with its obligations under UNSC (UN Security Council) resolutions and to meet the requirements of the IAEA Board of Governors Resolutions,’ the five powers said in a statement on the sidelines of a non-proliferation meeting in Vienna.’We stress the need and urgency for Iran to reach an agreement with the IAEA on a structured approach, including on access to relevant sites and information... to resolve all outstanding issues, particularly those relating to possible military dimensions’ of Tehran’s nuclear program, they added. These demands were already spelled out in a resolution adopted by the board of the governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in November, they noted. Thursday’s statement by the five nuclear powers comes just as the IAEA has confirmed, it will resume talks with Iran on May 14 and 15 in Vienna over the country’s nuclear program.

According to Iranian resistance’s statement on May 4, after two weeks of tiresome talks and after changing eight times the draft agreement with Martin Kobler, Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for Iraq, more than 400 residents of Ashraf left the camp for Liberty.  But a few hours after the convoy had left Ashraf at the presence of UN monitor, the residents realized that there was no utility vehicle in the column. For one hour neither transferring residents nor Ashraf residents were able to contact monitors.  Subsequently, it was known that upon the orders of Iraqi authorities, all the utility vehicles that each had an Ashraf resident onboard had been returned to Ashraf. NCRI’s statement called the redirection and return of utility vehicles to Ashraf before the eyes of UN observers as a filthy trick and betrayal aimed at relocating the fifth group to Liberty where there is no water, fuel or service vehicles. Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the NCRI’s president elect called for immediate intervention of the UN Secretary General and US officials and announced that until when this issue is resolved and all agreements are fully implemented, she would not advise anyone to move to Liberty from Ashraf. The residence of camp Ashraf, are the members of the Iranian resistance vowing to topple the Iranian regime.

An attorney is sentenced to 9 year in prison in Iran
Prominent human rights advocate and attorney Mohammad Ali Dadkhah, who represents the Christian pastor sentenced to death in Iran in a case that sparked international condemnation, has reportedly been sentenced to nine years in jail for allegedly “acting against national security” in Iran. Fox news reported that Dadkhah has represented several political and human rights activists jailed since Iran’s 2009 disputed elections, including Youcef Nadarkhani, the Iranian pastor charged with apostasy and sentenced to death for leaving Islam and converting to Christianity.