Sunday, June 17, 2012


More executions by Iranian regime
Two prisoners were executed in the city of Zahedan according to Iranian regime’s department of justice in Sistan and Baluchestan. This organ named the executed individuals as Mohammad Mohammadhassani Lootak and Saeed Baloochshe Bakhsh who were hanged with the charge of Moharebe (enmity against God). The two prisoners were hanged Monday Morning in Zahedan prison.

European Parliament condemns Iranian regime's violation of minorities’ rights

Al Arabiya reported on Friday that the European Parliament has condemned Iran’s “current disrespect of minority rights” and urged the authorities in Tehran to allow minorities “to exercise all rights granted by the Iranian Constitution and international law.” Following a recent report by Amnesty International condemning the pending execution of five members of Iran’s Ahwazi Arab minority, the EU parliament called on Iran to eliminate “all forms of discrimination based on religious or ethnic grounds or against persons belonging to minorities, such as Arabs, Bahaí’is, Azeri, Baluchi, Kurds and Turkmen.” According to Al Arabiya a copy of the EU resolution called on “the Iranian authorities to ensure that the arrested members of Iran´s Ahwazi Arab minority – Mohammad Ali Amouri, Rahman Asakereh, Hashem Shaabni Amouri, Hadi Rashidi, Sayed Jaber Alboshoka and Sayed Mokhtar Alboshoka are tried according to international fair trial standards and without recourse to the death penalty.” The five Ahwazi men were arrested last year during the demonstrations and were charged of killing a security and intelligence officer and wounding another. They were sentenced to death on March 15. The Iranian constitution formally provides for the fair treatment of ethnic minorities, including their rights to use their language, but in practice ethnic groups, such as Azeris, Arabs, Kurds and Balochs are reportedly discriminated against, especially in political rights and freedom of expression. The EU parliament urged the Iranian government to uphold “the equal treatment and non-discrimination provisions contained in the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran in all spheres of public life and services, and to protect the freedoms of ethnic minorities to freely associate and express themselves.”

Workers Protests against 3-month delay salaries in Hamadan
Keivan Factory workers protested against their deferred salaries across the factory. Harana Website reported that on Monday June 9, the workers staged a gathering in protest to their three-month deferred salaries in Hamadan (western Iranian city). A part of their demands are from the last year and they are deprived of their basic necessities.

Winnipeg Free Press reported on June 14 that the Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird has held talks with representatives of the six Western countries trying to negotiate an end to the nuclear standoff with Iran. Baird expressed Canada's concern that Iran might use the talks as a stalling tactic, but expressed hope for a peaceful solution to the continuing problem. "He has been clear that Iran should not be rewarded for merely showing up, and that they should not be allowed to use these talks as a delay tactic," said Baird's spokesman Rick Roth. Baird delivered that message to ambassadors and senior diplomats for the six front-line negotiating countries during a 30-minute meeting on Parliament Hill on Wednesday. Winnipeg Free Press added that Iran says it is developing nuclear power for peaceful purposes, but Western countries, including Canada, believe it wants to build a nuclear weapon. The six-country group includes the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council — the United States, Britain, France, Russia and China — as well as Germany, are to meet with Iran in Moscow in the coming week.