Sunday, July 01, 2012


Egypt to sue Iranian news agency over ‘fabricated’ interview
According to Al Arabiya , 27 June, the office of Egyptian President-elect Mohammed Mursi will file a lawsuit against the Iranian news agency Fars for making up an interview with him which said he promised to improve ties between the two countries, a spokesman said on Wednesday. “President Mursi was never interviewed by Iran’s Fars news agency. The interview was fabricated and his presidential office has begun taking legal action against the news agency,” a presidential spokesperson, Yasser Ali, told Reuters. Iran has hailed Mursi’s victory over former air force commander Ahmed Shafiq in Egypt’s first free presidential election as a “splendid vision of democracy” that marked the country’s “Islamic Awakening.”  

 Two PMOI members passed away in Ashraf and Liberty

The National Council of Resistance of Iran said in a statement that Mr. Hamdollah Rahmani, 55, one of those very severely injured during July 2009 deadly attack by the Iraqi forces, passed away on Saturday, 23 June 2012 during open heart surgery in a hospital in Baghdad after three years of tolerating pain, suffering and siege in Ashraf. In fact, he is considered as the 12th resident being killed due to July 2009 attack on Ashraf. He was among the few patients who were taken to
U.S. forces hospital in Balad after the attack and went under surgery by American physicians several times. He had been shot in his abdomen and left arm by Iraqi forces and physicians removed part of his intestine. He had also suffered heart attack. Before he came to Ashraf in 1990, Hamdollah Rahmani had lived more than five years in prison in Iran and had suffered various tortures. Last week, Ms. Akram Abazari (Batoul Rajaii), 59, an agriculture engineer, who had been transferred from Ashraf to Camp Liberty, passed away in hospital. She suffered from cancer but her disease was under control. The reason for her death was diagnosed to be pneumonia and breath cessation.

Death sentences for drinking alcohol in Iran
The Supreme Court of the Iranian  regime upheld execution sentences for two prisoners for drinking alcohol. Hassan Shariati, head of the Judiciary in Khorasan Razavi Province, who announced the news, said: “There will be no leniency in dealing with serious crimes. We will under no circumstances be lenient to those who endanger public security.
… In cases involving alcohol we will under no circumstances be lenient in the prosecution and punishment. … Two persons who were caught consuming alcohol for the third instance and who had on two previous occasions received the relevant punishment have now been sentenced to execution. After the Supreme Court upheld the sentences, we are now in the process of making preparations for the sentences to be carried out.”
According to the state media, at least 195 people have been executed in the current Gregorian calendar year to date. This is while news of many executions never makes its way out of the regime’s prisons.