Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Iranian regime arrests 2 Azerbaijan nationals as spies
According to Associated Press, July 3rd, Iranian regime's state English language Press TV on Tuesday reported that the two were arrested in May. It identified them as Shahryar Hajizadeh and Farid Husseinov. The report said they are linked to Azerbaijan’s secret service and planned to recruit Iranian dissidents. Their confession was broadcasted on television. The pair said they were in Iran for cultural activities.

Iran says EU oil embargo "strongest" sanctions yet
According to Associate Presses report on July 3rd the Iranian regime's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Tuesday the latest EU sanctions on the sale of Iranian oil are 'the strongest' measures yet imposed on the country. The embargo, which comes on top of a fresh round of U.S. sanctions targeting Iran’s vital oil sector, is the latest move in the West’s standoff with Iran over its disputed nuclear program AP reported. 'Our enemies assume that they are able to corner Iran in a weak position with these sanctions,' Ahmandijejad said, according to state TV. But he added that Iran should view the EU ban 'as an opportunity to wean the country’s budget off its dependence on oil revenues,' saying that would 'remove the weapon of oil from the enemy’s hand forever.' Iran is the second largest OPEC oil producer, producing about 4 million barrels of oil a day. The country relies on oil exports for about 80 percent of its foreign revenues.  The EU embargo, combined with the fresh U.S. measures that prohibit the world’s banks from completing oil transactions with Iranian banks, significantly ratchet up the pressure on an Iranian economy already squeezed by previous rounds of sanctions. The U.S. and EU imposed the sanctions to pressure the Iranian regime over its nuclear program, which Washington and its allies suspect is aimed at developing atomic weapons.

An Iranian- Canadian is a recipient of  2012 Order of Canada
According to Canadianimmigrant.ca, Mr. Hadi Mahabadi the vice president and director of Xerox Research centre of Canada came to this country in 1972 as a graduate student at the university of Waterloo, but later returned to Iran where he headed the university of Technology's chemical engineering department in the country's capital Tehran. I wasn’t thinking of immigration,” Mahabadi says. “I had the best job, the best house. Life was good in Iran.” But when a revolution forced academics like him into exile, he turned to Canada because of its reputation for tolerance and multiculturalism. Thus, Mahabadi, his pregnant wife and their two-year-old son arrived in Canada in 1981 with a couple of suitcases and $15 in hand. Today, he is the vice-president and centre manager of the Xerox Research Centre of Canada. He attributes his success to his unshakable self-confidence, plus an open-minded employer — Xerox offered him on-the-job English training. Since he joined the company in 1981, Mahabadi has held many managerial positions, leading teams in developing materials for many Xerox product platforms. In 1997, Mahabadi received the Xerox President’s Award and, in 1998, was the recipient of Xerox’s Chester F. Carlson Award for the highest number of U.S. patents (currently he holds more than 70.) Canadianimmigrant.ca added: With so much happening on the professional front, you would think Mahabadi wouldn’t have time to get involved in community activities. On the contrary, he serves as a volunteer on a number of task forces and committees to help shape the future direction of science   and technology in Canada . He has also been involved in mentoring other scientists and encouraging high school students to pursue the field of science. Seventy new appointments of the Order of Canada, one of the country’s highest civilian honours was announced recently. The new appointments announced by Governor General David Johnston included three Companions, 25 Officers, and 42 Members. Iranian-born Hadi Mahabadi, a Top 25 Canadian Immigrants of 2010 winner, is named among the 25 Officers. He receives the honour for his innovations in the field of polymer science and commitment to promoting science in Canada.
Another Iranian regime's diplomat was arrested this time in Germany for Molesting a child
According to a German newspaper (Build) an Iranian diplomat tried to touch the girl at the park but the child escaped and the diplomat followed her to her house. A few days later she saw him again at the same park. Her mother called 911 and called out to the people in the park for help. The police came and arrested the diplomat. This is the second incidents in abroad where an Iranian regime's diplomat is involved in molesting a child. In April an Iranian top diplomat- Hekmatollah Ghorbani- in Brazilia tried to touch a girl in the public swimming pool. He later on scaped to Iran where he was welcome with floweres.