Monday, December 03, 2012


Iranian Resistance calls to save political prisoner Nasrin Sotoudeh

The Iranian Resistance on Dec. 1st  called on international organizations in defence of the human rights particularly the relevant United Nations bodies to take immediate action to save imprisoned lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh who is on her 7th week of hunger strike.
Nasrin Sotoudeh, 49, was arrested on September 2009 for the “crime” of defending political prisoners. she was sentenced to six years in prison, 10 years ban on practicing law and prohibiting to leaving the country for “acting against national security” and “propaganda against the regime.” She is also faced with all types of pressures and limitations including long stay in solitary confinement and being deprived of receiving visits by her two young children.
To protest against these pressures and restrictions imposed on her and her family that includes prohibiting her 12 year old daughter to leave the country, Nasrin Sotoudeh began a hunger strike on October 17 that she is now in its 7th week while in serious condition. Instead of providing basic care and in order to force her to break her hunger strike, she was transferred to solitary confinement for several weeks. THe
United States on Friday demanded the release of Nasrin Sotoudeh.  “We demand the Iranian government cease its intolerable mistreatment of Sotoudeh and immediately release her and the more than 30 other female political prisoners detained in Evin Prison,” Nuland said in a statement. “We remain concerned for Sotoudeh’s well-being given Iran’s history of withholding treatment from prisoners and allowing them to die from hunger strikes,” Nuland said.

Iranian regime fires cyber police chief over blogger death
Under international pressure, Iranian regime fired the head of its cyber crimes unit, known as FATA, over the case of the Iranian blogger Sattar Beheshti who was murdered while in police custody. According to state-run Mehr news agency Mohammad hassan Shokrian was fired due to ‘failure and lack of sufficient supervision over the performance of personnel under his command.’
Sattar Beheshti died in police custody eight days after his arrest.

Shahrekord University officials have tried to install cameras for controlling the university.
According to a report by Hrana, by installing the control gate entry and exclusion of students, the university Security Increased. Meanwhile, In recent years students did not need student card to enter the university. Hrana added that according to one of the student activists of the university, the presence of security guards to check Hijab of students have been highlighted. It is worth noting that in the new school year many female students due to their inappropriate dress or "Hijab, and several male students due to smoking have been banned from living in  a student dormitory.

According to reports from inside Iran, during the past few days eight people lost their lives as a result of intense rains and flood waters raging in the southern Iranian town of Dashtestan in the Bushehr Province. One small child was among the victims. According to these reports villages and districts in the vicinity of Dashtestan also suffered heavy damages.

Hardships are on the rise for the earthquake stricken people of East Azerbaijan Province
Quake stricken residents of Iran’s Azerbaijan region are forced to cope with the freezing winter cold in this mountainous terrain with mere tents, the state-run ILNA news agency reported. Allah-verdi Dehghani, member of Iran’s Majlis (parliament) said only 15% of residential units have been handed over to the people, adding the Iranian regime has had a very poor performance in providing housing for the quake victims. In the town of Varzeghan and the winter season, there are 3,000 people living in tents or half-built and wrecked buildings. “We currently need more than 4,000 temporary housing units and the people are currently living in the harshest of conditions,” he added. In this region we need 35,000 residential units to be rebuilt and 20,000 units must be repaired, while the government has only accepted to provide 8,000 units, he continued.

Another multi-million dollar embezzlement case in Iran under mullahs’ rule
Freedom messenger reported that according to state-run Mehr news agency, affiliated to Iran’s Intelligence Ministry, wired a report revealing yet another multi-million dollar embezzlement case under the mullahs’ rule. “One informed official reported many millions of dollars has been lost from a private bank,” Mehr reported. “It appears this money was placed in an account for a moneychanger and middleman,” the report claimed, adding since there is no trace of the so-called moneychanger and middleman, there also is no possibility to follow up on this case.