Monday, December 17, 2012


on the 40th day of Sattar Beheshti's murder, the Iranian regime’s repressive forces beat and injure Sattar’s mother and arrested numerous participants
According to a statement by the National Council of Resistance of Iran, on Thursday evening , December 13th, the ceremony marking the 40th day of Sattar Beheshti’s murder an Iranian blogger who died under torture, turned into a protest against the Iranian regime.
Repressive forces dispatched hundreds of anti-riot police units, plainclothes agents and intelligence elements, in addition to imposing suppressive measures, attempting to close entrances and exits to the city of
Robat Karim near Tehran
and create a climate of fear to prevent people from participating in the ceremony. They even tore down leaflets posted around the city inviting people to the ceremony. Despite the regime's effort a large number of people participated at the Robat Karim cemetery to commemorate Sattar Beheshti.
“They killed my protector. May God destroy all of you,” Sattar’s mother shouted. Sattar’s sister fainted while chanting against the regime and those who murdered her brother.
To disperse the crowd, the regime’s repressive forces attacked and injured Behesthi family, leading into following clashes. The agents attacked and beat Sattar’s mother, pulling her on the ground with her hair while her knee was already injured. Sattar’s sister was also attacked by the repressive force. Clashing with the regime’s agents, those participating in the ceremony were able to save Sattar’s brother and get him out of the cemetery. A large number of participants in the ceremony, including those who had cameras, were arrested and their cameras was confiscated. Those detained were transferred to an unknown location with a number of minibuses.

3 prisoners prosecuted for contacting UN rapporteur
The Iranian regime placed three Kurdish political prisoners under interrogation and prosecution for the ‘crime’ of making contact with UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Iraq, Ahmad Shaheed.
These three prisoners were interrogated by the Intelligence Ministry and then exiled to Urumieh Prison in the country’s north western regions. In another news and according to Iranian resistance received reports from inside Iran, during the past three weeks and especially during the Ashura ceremonies and afterwards, the Ministry of Intelligence agents were busy summoning the families of 2009 uprising victims to this ministry’s offices, seriously threatening them to refrain from any kind of Internet connections or telephone calls with human rights organizations or media outlets.
Iran’s security forces threatened if such communications do take place the families will face severe consequences, including prison terms.


The Iranian regime's Majlis adopted a bill prohibiting issuance of passport for single women under 40
The mullahs’ Majlis passed legislation according to which “issuance of passport for single women is only permitted through acquiescence of her guardian or through a decree from a Shariat judge”. On November 13, according to state run agancy Fars, mullahs’ parliamentary Commission on National Security and Foreign Policy, in consideration of the Passport Bill, had adopted this article for “single women under 40”. However, mullahs’ parliament declared on December 11 that mention of a particular age has been dropped in this bill. Safar Naimi said: “It is the belief of most members of the committee that issuance of passport for women, whether single or married, should be conditioned on the approval of her guardian or the Shariat judge; meaning that a single woman would need approval from her guardian father, grandfather or Shariat judge; and a married woman has to have the approval of her husband, guardian or the Shariat judge”.
 The Chair of
NCRI Women’s Committee stressed that adoption of such bills demonstrate that any attempt to rescue women’s rights in the framework of the religious fascism ruling Iran will get nowhere and as long as this regime is in power, repression and discrimination against women will only increase and intensify. Therefore, the sole solution for gaining equality and vindicating the right of the people, especially that of women, is the toppling of this regime in its entirety.

Father of Shiraz activist arrested
The intelligence agents in Iran arrested and detained the father of an activist in Shiraz. The agents were seeking to arrest Hadi Daneshiar, but when he wasn’t found in his father’s house they arrested the father instead. Daneshyiar is 38 years old and he is convicted to three years imprisonment for propaganda against the system in favour of anti-regime groups and participating in illegal protest gatherings in Shiraz.


Increasing pressure on inmates in south eastern Iran prison
The Iranian regime has increased pressure on inmates in Zahedan Prison, located in south eastern Iran, by inflicting new types of torture.
According to published reports the regime’s agents in the corridors of this prison have recently installed metal rods at a height of 180 cm, tying prisoners’ hands hanging to these rods for six consecutive days.
During this period the prisoners’ hands are opened only three times a day to eat food and use the rest room. The prisoner is kept in cold temperatures without any rest until he/she suffers from serious physical or psychological disorders.
This type of torture was inflicted on a 37-year old prisoner by the name of Reza Sayadi.