Monday, January 21, 2013


IAEA, Iran talks end without deal: diplomat
Associated France Press reported on Thursday Jan. 17 that two days of talks between the UN atomic agency and the Iranian regime have ended in Tehran, without agreement, a diplomatic source told AFP on Thursday.
The International Atomic Energy Agency team was due to return to Vienna on Friday morning, the source said, following the talks aimed at finding a solution to concerns over Iran’s nuclear programme. According to National Council of Resistance of Iran Jan. 19, the Iranian regime's ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency, Soltanieh said that his regime will not stop uranium enrichment "for a moment".

According to Hrana, the Iranian regime hanged two inmates on the pretext of “thugs” as scheduled this morning Sunday Jan. 20th,  in Tehran in public. The State-run Mehr news agency reported yesterday that “Two aggressive thugs convicted of moharebeh will be executed in public tomorrow. The two victims were Alireza Mafiha and Mohammad Ali Sarvari. In another news the Iranian regime lashed a man in public on Wed. Jan 16 in the city of Savzevar and hanged a man in that city.

Loghman and Zaniar Moradi are on death row for the crime they say they did not commit
Zaniar wrote a public letter on Jan. 4th asking people to save his and his cousin's lives.   
Zaniar Moradi writes from Rajai shahr prison: Currently, I am sitting on a death row, my prison cell in Karaj, Iran, and I want to talk to you young people in Europe and America, I want to speak to people, who are my age who are living in Japan, Australia, France, and Africa and all over the globe. Please DO NOT LET THEM HANG ME!
Zaniar adds: It has been three years since I have been imprisoned. I am Zaneyar Moradi and my co-defendant is Loghman Moradi, we were tortured for nine months. They would beat us so hard that we could not walk, even today I still suffer from side effects of torture—my back is hurting and I have two fractured vertebrate. The torturers told us that if we did not confess to everything they told us that they would rape us and we just signed whatever they put in front of us. And now we are waiting for the hanging rope of death while standing or hanging on the streets of
Tehran or Urūmiyeh (where we were born). Please use your youth, your creativity, and let this regime know that we are not alone. Please voice your protest to this verdict. If you protest, if you complain to them we will here it! I am waiting to hear YOUR voices of protest.

The Human Rights Activists in Iran website published a 37-page report saying 587 people were executed in Iran in 2012.
According to this report, 140,000 Iranian citizens had their rights violated directly by the government. 70% of reports on human rights violations in 2012 were gathered from human rights entities, media outlets independent or unassociated to the government.
Hrana announced there was a 3% margin of error in the sources this report was based on, and most of the executions were carried out in
Tehran (16%). 59 people in 2012 were executed in public, totalling to 10% of all the executions in Iran
Iran’s judiciary reported 54% of these executions and human rights entities provided reports on the remaining 46%. This is while judiciary officials claimed there were no secret executions in Iran
’s prisons.
In comparison to 2011,
Iran witnessed a 9% rise in executions.

Jason Kenney, Canada's citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister said that Canada will resettle up to 5,000 displaced Iranian and Iraqi refugees from Turkey in the next five years. With escalating violence in the region, more people are seeking protection in Turkey, and our commitment to resettle 5,000 mostly Iraqi and Iranian refugees in Canada will help Turkey deal with this growing pressure," Kenney said. He added: “Canada has long been a place of refuge for those fleeing persecution, and we are proud to continue this tradition today. To date, some 12,000 Iraqi refugees have been resettled in Canada, mostly out of Syria. Canada remains committed to its 2009 and 2010 pledges to resettle up to 20,000 Iraqi refugees in need of protection. Today’s commitment will help bring us closer to that goal and will also mark the first time we make a specific multi-year commitment to resettling refugees out of Turkey.”