Sunday, April 21, 2013


According to National Council of Resistance of Iran's statement on April 20th in the western city of Kermanshah, municipal contract workers demonstrated outside the local government building on April 17 angry about their unpaid New Year bonuses.
- Employees of the Welfare Organization in the city of
Qom, central Iran, gathered on Tuesday in protest of their unpaid wages and working conditions.
Abadan, southern Iran, workers and retired staff of the city’s Oil Company staged a protest outside the company’s office to object to a recent decision by the government to give housing units that had been promised to them to the Revolutionary Guards and security forces.
Tabriz, north-western Iran, crowds gathered outside the Iran-Khodro Factory on Friday in protest against delay in delivering vehicles they have paid for. Reports said their protest went unheeded by factory employees.
- And in Gachsaran, south-eastern
Iran, people protested outside the town’s main police station on Wednesday angry about  a four-month delay in the payment of subsidies.

Iran: Two prisoners hanged in Kerman and Karaj
The Iranian regime hanged two prisoners on Wednesday in southern city of Kerman and city of Karaj. Hossein Cheflaki, 25, was hanged on Wednesday in Gohardasht prison.
On the same day, two other prisoners were hanged in North eastern city of

Critically-ill Iranian political prisoner denied medical treatment
A political prisoner has been denied medical treatment in Tehran’s Evin prison because he refused to be transferred to hospital chained and handcuffed.
Mohammad Banazadeh Amirkhizi, 64 - who has a relative in
Camp Liberty - is the latest in an ever-growing list of Iranian political prisoners to be deprived of urgently needed medical care.
Mr Banazadeh has been held in Ward 209 of Evin prison for the past 18 months, and has been told by the intelligence ministry he could only be taken to the hospital if he's shackled. Reports indicate that despite his critical condition, he has refused this humiliating term.

Iranians protest outside UN in Geneva enters its 3rd year
As an unprecedented act of solidarity with the Iranian residents of Liberty and Ashraf, the Iranian protest has entered its 3rd year in Geneva. The supporters of the people's Mojahedin Organizations of Iran have been demanding the immediate action to protect the dissidents in Liberty and Ashraf in Iraq. The demonstrators -many of whom have family and friends in Camp Liberty and Ashraf - demand the UNHCR to return all residents to Ashraf after the deadly February 9, 2013 rocket attacks on Camp Liberty which left 8 people killed. Camp Liberty near Baghdad houses thousands of PMOI members in Iraq who were forcibly evicted from Camp Ashraf where they were residing for the past 26 years.
 Last week another resident of Liberty died due to lack of medical facility and equipment at the camp. Mr. Barzmehri was 61 years old. On Saturday April 20th a ceremony was held for Mr. Barzmehri in front of the US embassy here in Ottawa where Iranian-Canadians paid their respects.

IAEA and Iranian regime may meet again in May
According to Reuters the U.N. nuclear watchdog and Iranian regime may resume talks next month over a long-stalled investigation into Iranian regime’s nuclear program, but no date has yet been fixed, a diplomatic source said on Friday.
It would be the 10th round of negotiations between the International Atomic Energy Agency and the Iranian regime since the discussions about what the IAEA calls 'possible military dimensions' to Tehran’s nuclear program began in early 2012.
The last session of talks, in February, failed to yield a breakthrough that would enable the IAEA to restart its investigation, and another round in May is a possibility, the source has told the Reuters without elaborating.
IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano this month said that some of the differences between the two sides were still 'quite important'. He said any deal with Iranian regime must enable his inspectors to carry out effective verification work.

Iraqis protest Maliki’s policies and Iran’s meddling, call for replacement of Kobler
According to Baghdad TV April 19 Iraqis in Baghdad and Diyala, Neinawa, Salahaddin, al-Anbar and Kirkuk provinces staged rallies on Friday, shouting “Diyala’s Blood is Our Blood”. Protesters have been calling for the overthrow of Maliki’s government for the past four months despite a wave of terrorist attacks, killings and arrests. The demonstrators also demanded an end to Iranian regime's meddling in their country.
In Ramadi, demonstrators said the
US has abandoned Iraq in the face of Iran’s attacks.
In Samara, a speaker stressed on the necessity of international supervision over
Iraq’s provincial council elections, Al Rafedein TV added. “We call on the United Nations to replace Martin Kobler in Iraq,” he said.
Mosul demonstrators in their slogans described Maliki’s government as Iran’s proxy and also chanted against Ahmadinejad, Al Tagheer reported. They also described Maliki as a liar and called for his overthrow.
In Huwaija, tens of thousands of demonstrators in the city’s dignity square demanded regime overthrow and called for an end to
Iran’s interferences.

Two horrific events shook US last week
The terrorist act on Monday April 15, at the Boston Marathon left 3 people dead and tens of people badly wounded. The 2 brother who carried out the attack were identified as Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19. Tamerlan was killed during the standoff with the police and Dzhokhra is in serious but stable condition in the hospital.
 The explosion of Waco factory has left 14 people dead and more than a hundred wounded. This explosion was the biggest since April 19,1993 mass suicide lead by David Koresh in the same region.