Sunday, June 02, 2013

Khomeini's death anniversary

June 3rd or 13th day of Khordad month (on the Iranian calendar) is the 24th anniversary of Khomeini's death. Khomeini the founder of the Islamic regime in Iran, began his political activities by apposing the Iranian women's right in 1962. He was exiled to Najaf and than Paris where he was busy with his religious studies. in 1977 when the political leaders from different groups were either killed or in prison, Khomeini seized the opportunity and with foreign help he grabbed power in Iran. When asked in the airplane returning to Iran, how he felt, he said: Nothing.
Khomeini's record is very dark. The execution order of 30,000 political prisoners in the summer of 1988 which the majority were from People's Mujahedin organization of Iran PMOI, or MEK. From this organization alone the regime has executed some 120,000 political prisoners. The 8 year war with Iraq has been the most devastating economic impacts on Iranian people which is felt to this day. Khomeini send millions to their death and was the reason of loosing millions of dollars and leaving the people in poverty. Khomeini's slogans such as Economics is for Donkeys and free water and electricity spread poverty so that 80% of the population was affected. The fight for freedom and establishing democracy in Iran is alive and active. Hope for a free and democrat Iran very soon.