Tuesday, October 01, 2013


Thousands of Iranian dissidents joined a rally organized by the Iranian resistance in New York on Sept. 24th. According to CBS news thousands rallied near the United Nations Tuesday to protest Iranian regime's new president Hasan Rouhani.
The demonstrators waving their red, white and green Iranian flags were joined by some high-profile politicians who said Rouhani’s recent talk of opening dialogue with the
United States is merely a ruse.
They say
Iran has to show it’s moving away from trying to build a nuclear weapon before the United States opens any negotiations.
 “If Obama thinks that he’s shaking the hands of a moderate, he’s actually shaking some bloody hands,” demonstrator Amir Emadi said. “Rouhani does not represent the Iranian people.” he said. Amir's father was one of 52 people killed at a refugee camp in
Iraq earlier this month at the behest of the Iranian regime's president.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and ex-United Nations Ambassador John Bolton were among the speakers at Tuesday’s protest. “If we’re going to approach these negotiations with maturity and realism, we must recognize that the Iranian regime has taken us down this road before, and they fooled us before,” Giuliani said. “If we let them fool us again, then we are fools.”
President Obama addressed the assembly Tuesday morning. He said Rouhani’s words would have to be matched with actions. He said he’s tasked Secretary of State John Kerry with pursuing the prospect of a nuclear agreement with Iran.

Although there were no one on one meeting with Obama and Rouhani, but at the last minute before Rouhani leave New York he wanted Barak Obama to give him a call. The impetus for the call came from Iranian officials, whom US officials said told them in New York on Friday morning that Rouhani wanted to speak to Obama before leaving the United Nations General Assembly.
Friday's conversation took place when Rouhani was on his way to the airport in his official limousine, the Iranian side said.
When Rouhani arrived in Iran, protesters greeted him with shoes and eggs, according to different new agencies. The Bassiji protesters were chanting Down to America and Israel. Rouhani's goal under the guidance of Rafsanjani is to bring the rival factions within the Iranian regime together in order to prevent the fall of system and showcase change. For the West the Nuclear program is the main issue at the moment while the call for Iranian regime's appalling human rights records in Iran is not heard. Simultaneous with participation of Rouhani at the General Assembly
22 prisoners, including four women were executed in cities of Iran. The number of executions after sham election reaches 201.

National Council of Resistance Sept. 29 said in a statement that according to information received, the seven Camp Ashraf residents taken hostage are being held in Sharaf prison in Baghdad. The responsibility and control of this prison is with Nouri Maliki’s son, Ahmed.
The seven including six women were taken hostage on September 1 when the Iraqi forces attacked
Camp Ashraf and executed 52 members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK).
7 hostages are on hunger strike and with the order of Ahmad Maliki, have been transferred to this prison so that no information can be leaked out of prison and no one is informed about their presence. This prison is for those accused of terrorism. This prison is supervised by the prime minister’s office in order to hide its crimes. Maliki has put his son Ahmad Maliki, who is also his chief of staff, in charge of this prison. He is particularly using this prison to get rid of his opponent.
Ahmad Maliki is in charge of special files, security apparatus and prisons. He is fully in charge of the security of Green Zone and any entry and exit to and from it. All entry cards to this area, even those of Cabinet Ministers, are issued by Maliki’s son. The dossier of the hostages is with Faleh Fayyaz. A number of terrorist Quds Force and Intelligence agents have visited the hostages in coordination with Faleh Fayyaz. In addition to Maliki’s henchmen and interrogators, torturers and officials of the Iranian Embassy and MOIS and Quds Force agents are permitted to visit this prison, and the Iranian Embassy has stationed a translator in the prison for this purpose.

Iranians around the world including residents of Camp Liberty have joined the hunger Strike. Berlin, London, Ottawa, Geneva and Melbourne Australia since the deadly attack by Maliki's special forces on unarmed residents of Camp Ashraf. Today is the 25th day of Hunger Strike in Ottawa in front of the US embassy. The people on Hunger Strike have vowed to continue with their protest until the 7 Ashraf hostages are return to Camp Liberty and the UN Blue helmets are stationed at the Camp for their protection as promised.  The NCRI said in another statement that the Iraqi government and the Iranian regime in a coordinated Orchestra are feeding UN and other officials that the hostages are not in Iraq. NCRI says that it has concrete evidence and witnesses can testifies in court if their safety is guaranteed that the 7 hostages are in Iraq.