Monday, December 09, 2013

On the National Student's Day in Iran, university students protested and clashed with security forces.
- In Tabriz students chanted 'Death to dictator' to mark the annual 'Student's Day' memorial. 
- At Azad University in Zanjan, northwestern Iran, students rallied on Saturday to mark the 'Student's Day' chanting 'students show bravery not weakness.' They clashed with the Basij militias who tried to disperse them, but came across a stiff resistance by the students. Based on some reports a number of students were arrested.
- Students at Shahr-e-Kord University, western Iran, also clashed with the Basij militias during a protest gathering on Saturday. According to the eyewitnesses accounts, 5 students were severely injured and taken to hospital.
- The Basij militias and security guards arrested a number of Tehran University students on Saturday. The Basij has claimed that those arrested were not real students and that their student IDs was forged. But the students ignored the crackdown and chanted 'Death to Dictator' and 'Free political prisoners.'
- In Sharif-Industrial University in Tehran, students were chanting anti-government slogans including 'we are seeking revenge for the blood of our brothers.' They prevented Shariatmadari, who is one of the key guardians of the hardliners, from entering the University. But when the security guards and the Basij militias tried to enter him secretly, students booed and shouted 'get lost.' when he started to speak, students turned their back on him and chanted 'the University is awakened and hate mercenaries.' A frustrated and angry Shariatmadari called the students 'seditionist' and 'elements of the enemy'. The students chanted ' you are the enemy of Iran and enemy of this land.'
On the National Student Day in Iran, Students at Melli University in Tehran chanted "political prisoners must be freed" during a speech by the regime's president, Hassan Rouhani at the university. This was despite high security controls put in place prior to Rohani's speech. A group of handpicked Bassige militants were hauled in by the security forces to prevent any student protest as Rohani spoke. They were shouting regime approved slogans including "nuclear energy is our right".
Iran's state run television which was broadcasting live, haulted the broadcast when students started to ask questions.
- In a speech at Melli University in Tehran on "Student's Day", Hassan Rouhani glorified suppressive paramilitary Bassiej saying that 'we must be the followers of the beloved Bassiej path. All the Bassiejis are our heroes and symbols. We have 75 million Bassiejis in the country.'
He also insisted on the continuation of enrichment and said that nuclear energy, nuclear technology and even enrichment are "our incontestable right".

Iranian Opposition held an International Conference on Human Rights in Iran in Paris
Saturday December 7, 2013, at an international conference in Paris on the eve of International Human Rights Day, a warning was issued against ignoring crimes against humanity in Ashraf and mass executions in Iran under the guise of nuclear negotiations with Iran. At the conference, prominent American and European personalities warned against reducing the sanctions at the time that the Iranian regime has not completely given up its aim of developing an atomic bomb.
In the conference held in the presence of Mrs Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, Rouhani’s government’s record on violation of human rights in Iran and the massacre of the Iranian dissidents in Camp Ashraf was a key point of discussion. The conference emphasized the necessity of the immediate release of the seven Camp Ashraf hostages who were abducted by Maliki’s Special Forces at the behest of the Iranian regime. Delegates also stressed the necessity of securing the protection and safety of the 3,000 dissidents of the Iranian regime in Camp Liberty.
The conference was inaugurated by Jean-François Le Garrett and was presided over by Naomi Tutu. Maryam Rajavi, Rudy Giuliani, Howard Dean, Michael Mukasey, Louis J. Freeh, Geir Haarde, and Naomi Tutu delivered speeches.

in another news 6 Sunni Kurds have been on hunger strike since the early days in Nov. in Ghezel Hesar prison, protesting their death sentences. Reports indicate that thousands of prisoners in Ghezel Hesar and other prisons such as Margheh prison have joined in the hunger strike. This is an unprecedented act of solidarity in Iranian prisoners.
The hunger strike by the hundreds in Camp Liberty in Iraq is
also nearing its 100 days. On Sept 1, the Iraqi forces raided Camp Ashraf and killed 52 unarmed residents and took 7 including 6 women as hostage. The Iraq's al-Maliki denies having anything to do with the attack or the hostage taking and president Obama keeping his silence. The Camp residents say that they have entered an agreement between US, UN, and Iraqi government to stay behind in Camp Ashraf while the rest were transferred to Camp Liberty. It's important to note that Ashraf/Liberty residents are protected persons under the 4th Geneva conversions.
In Ottawa yesterday for the third time last week, Iranian-Canadians gathered in front of the US embassy to demand the release of 7 hostages. They told Irava that their protest will hold on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays until further notice. We'll keep you updated.

IRAN: Execution
On Monday, the Iranian regime hanged a prisoner in Zahedan Central Prison after 10 years of imprisonment. Iranian regime's new president Hassan Rouhani's judiciary carried out two more hangings in Zahedan prison. The victims were 23 and 31 years old and had been in prison for past 5 to 6 years. Following the execution of these two young prisoners, students at Zahedan University on Wednesday staged a rally to protest the crackdown on their fellow Sunni friends. Sunnis, much like Bahai's are oppressed by the Mullahs in Iran because of their religious beliefs. 

According to Agence France Press, inspectors from the UN nuclear watchdog arrived in Iran on Saturday to visit the still-unfinished Arak heavy water plant for the first time in more than two years, Iranian regime's state news agency ISNA reported.
The two inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency began their work on Sunday at the site, 240 kilometres (150 miles) southwest of the capital, but ISNA did not say how long they would be there.
The inspection comes within the framework of a mid-November agreement between Iran and the IAEA that also allows the IAEA access to a uranium mine in Gachin
, in the country's south.
The IAEA regularly visits the works on the reactor, but says it has not received any new design details since 2006. And inspectors have not been to the heavy water plant since August 2011.
Arak reactor is of concern to the international community because Tehran could theoretically extract weapons-grade plutonium from its spent fuel.
Under a deal reached last month with world powers in
Geneva, Iranian regime agreed that it would not commission the reactor or transfer fuel or heavy water to the site for a period of six months.

Iraqi vice president: we have reached the point to bring the issue of Iraq to the international attention
Iraq's vice president, Dr. Tariq Al Hashemi said systematic killings are carried out against anybody in Iraq that opposes the Iranian regime. We have reached the point of bringing this issue to the International attention, he added. The anti-Maliki forces and the opposition to the Iranian regime's interference in Iraq must unite. This is something that I am working on. Today's Iraq needs a surgery. We demand change not reform.

Free Syrian Army general Salim Edris: we are fighting against Hezbollah and Iranian regime
The chairman of the joint chiefs of staff of the Free Syrian Army, general Salim Edris
said the Free Syrian Army is in war with any group that is fighting alongside Bashar Assad's Army. We are fighting against all radical Jihadists, Hezbollah militants and Iranian regime revolutionary guards.
Free Syrian Army's task following the overthrow of Bashar Assad government is to defend the entire country against all kinds of fundamentalists or Jihadists ideology.