Monday, May 05, 2014


Iran: The Political prisoners' Hunger strike ended victoriously in Gohardasht priosn
12 political prisoners in Gohardasht Prison of Karaj, west of Tehran, issued a statement on Friday, May 2nd, after the Iranian regime’s retreat in returning all detained prisoners in Evin Prison solitary confinement to ward 350. The political prisoners who were attacked by the regime's forces on April 17, were then transferred to solitary confinement. Other prisoners went on hunger strike for their return to ward350 with other prisoners in different prisons. The regime caved in and transferred all of them to ward350. The Evin Political prisoners thanked all who participated in what they called a National solidarity with the political prisoners.

Employees of Shiraz Communication Association, a governmental organization have been gathering outside the offices of Iran’s Mine & Industry Directorate since 8:30am Sunday May 4th protesting the unpaid wages for the past 55 months.
Workers have been threatening the authorities that this would be their last warning. They were carrying banners saying 'workers’ rights and salaries must be paid.'
The suppressive anti-riot guards, fearing the spread of the unrest, tried to disperse the crowd by intimidation, but workers stood their grounds and continued with their protest.
Young workers in the western Iranian city of Sanandaj rallied on Thursday, May 1st, marking May Day and launching rallies in the city streets. The protesters were holding banners calling for the release of political prisoners and also detained workers. Workers marched and chanted: "Labour prisoners must be freed".

Also in Shushtar Expelled workers of Paper Company on May Day staged rallies outside the factory, protesting their expulsion.
The Iranian regime arrested number of workers and organizers of the May Day rallies in Iran. The names of workers arrested on Thursday, May 1st, during rallies outside the regime’s Ministry of Labuor, are: Ibrahim Madadi, Hassan Saeedi, Nosser Moharamzadeh, Vahid Fereidooni, Morteza Kamsari, Rasoul Taleb Moghadam, Ali Pour-Karimi, Reza Ne’mati-pour, Mohsen Hosseini-Tabar, Bahram Akbari, Alireza Tavasoli, Akbar Nazari, Mohammad Salari, Kiumarth Olfati and Alireza Ghasemi.
These apprehended men are members of the
Tehran bus drivers syndicate.
The number of those arrested on Thursday in
Tehran was announced at 36. In the western city of Sanandaj two others were arrested.

Iran: Thirty-four executions in 11 days

The Iranian regime executed three prisoners on Thursday, May 1, the International Workers’ Day. Mostafa Nazi Chalavi, Amir Rouzdar and Babak Vavani who were hanged in the Bandar Abbas Prison bring the number of executions in the past eleven days to 34 with at least five of them being 20 to 23 years old.
In the city of
Karaj, on April 1st and 2nd, eleven prisoners were executed in two mass executions in Ghezel Hessar and Gohardasht prisons. Rasoul Talebei, one of those executed in Ghezel Hessar Prison, was just 20 years old.
In the city of
Kermanshah, on April 27, at least seven prisoners were executed in Diezelabad Prison. Two of those executed were Fariborz Siabani and Fattahi.
In the city of
Mashhad, on April 21, 28 and 29, six prisoners were executed with one just 20 years old.
In the Zahedan central prison, on April 2nd and 4th, three prisoners were executed. On April 26, three political prisoners of the Sunni Baluchi compatriots who were 20 to 23 years old were hanged in public in the city of
Zabol. On April 26 in the city of Semnan a prisoner was hanged in public. 
According to the Iranian resistance's statement- May 2nd, these executions that have taken on an unprecedented dimension during Rouhani’s office, betray any illusion of moderation by the clerical fascist regime ruling Iran that considers intensification of suppression as essential to its survival.

On Monday, April 28, another PMOI member- People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran or MEK passed away due to Cardiac Arrest at the Iraqi clinic at Camp Liberty. Iraqi forces had deliberately delayed his transfer to hospital for treatment according to PMOI.
Mr. Mohammad Babaii is the 19th PMOI member to have died because of the medical blockade imposed on the residents of the camp by the Iraqi government and the lack of access to hospital and medical treatment. The Iranian-Canadians in Ottawa held a memorial for Mr. Babaii's on their weekly protest in front of the US embassy. Almost 3 years a go the camp Liberty residents were forced to transfer from their home of 26 years in Camp Ashraf to Camp Liberty where lacks basic living conditions in order to be transferred to 3rd countries. Many of the residents were killed or injured during numerous Iraqi missile attacks ordered by the Iranian regime.