Monday, June 09, 2014


4 inmates executed in Shahr-e Kord
The Iranian regime hanged 4 inmates on Sat. morning, June 7th in Shahr-e Kord, near Isfahan. The executions that have intensified ever since Hassan Rouhani took office, show the regime is terrified of the explosive status in the society and social uprisings.



over 5,000 mine workers enter 3rd week of strike

The strike of over 5,000 workers in the Bafgh metal ore miners in Yazd Province entered its third week. The workers are protesting the allocation of the mine to the regime’s plundering factions, starting their strike on Sunday, May 18th.
A group of protesters are in a sit-in outside the mine’s entrance, concerned that this measure will lead to the expulsion of many workers, and the wages of those remaining will be lowered.

Pol prisoner Reza Shahabi continues hunger strike

Political prisoner Reza Shahabi, a member of Tehran’s bus drivers syndicate, surpassed the 7th day of his hunger strike on Saturday, June 7th. Shahabi who is suffering from severe Neck pains and back vertebrates, is on hunger strike protesting being exiled to Gohardasht Prison in Karaj, west of Tehran.
Reza Shahabi says he will continue his hunger strike until he reaches his demand of returning to ward 350 in
Tehran’s Evin Prison. 8 other political prisoners were transferred after Gholamreza Khosravi was executed last Sunday. Khosravi of the PMOI people's Mojahedin of Iran or MEK endured 12 years of imprisonment in total since he was a teenager. His execution verdict was issued because he donated a small amount of money to the Iranian resistance television called Simy-e Azadi.

4 Dervish community members arrested, sentenced to 28 years in jail

Four Dervish community members in Iran’s Fars Province were condemned to 7 years in prison each on charges of ‘moharebe’ (enmity with God) and ‘corruption on Earth’. The second branch of courts in the city of Shiraz issued this ruling.
These four Dervish community members who are Mohammad Ali Dehghan Burki
, Mohsen Ismaeeli, Mohammad Ali Sadeghi and Ibrahim Bahrami have been in temporary detention in Shiraz’s Adel Abad Prison for nearly a year. The four prisoners will be sent to the four cities of Zabol, Dezful, Maraghe and Sardasht, respectively.

Int’l Federation of Journalists called for release of detained journalists in Iran

Following the arrest of 3 Journalists in the past 2 months and not opening of the Iranian Journalists Association, the International Federation of Journalists issued a statement and while supporting journalists and trade associations, called for the release of jailed journalists in Iran.
Based on the report of this federation, 3 journalists have been jailed in recent months in
Iran and the total number of jailed journalists in Iran has reached 23.


Gallup poll places Iran under the Iranian regime amongst the saddest nations

Iranians under the mullahs’ rule are amongst the saddest nations on earth, a recent Gallup poll says. This survey shows Iranians are 93rd amongst 138 countries in regards of laughter. Regarding consent and satisfaction Iran is ranked 115th among 156 countries. On the amount of grief, instead, Iran ranks second in the world, after Iraq, whose people according to this survey are the saddest in the world.
According to
Gallup survey Iranian citizens, especially the country’s youth, have many reasons to be sad: disorganization regarding unemployment and poverty in the country is high, inflation is enormous and skyrocketing prices are pressuring many Iranians today.